'The Witcher 3' dev on 360 and PS3: 'We've been limited for quite some time now'

Examiner: "The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 held back game developers towards the end of their life cycles. So when the Xbox One and PS4 released, CD Projekt RED found itself liberated. In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Gameplay Designer Andrzej Kwiatkowski describes how the studio feels without such heavy reigns placed on them."

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ado9082180d ago

No you haven't. Point and shoot they had a hard time programming for the ps3. Thats why the witcher 2 never made it on the ps3

webeblazing2180d ago

yes they did. a lot of devs stated this. only people that didnt want to believe this were the people who wanted their platform to seem like its the greatest. when did the last consoles came out around '05-06... when the new consoles came out?

ado9082179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Then explain why not release the game on the ps3 after stating the complicity of the PS3 yet games like GTA V were released. The can create games at a caliber of the last of us or close to it, and release it exclusively on the ps3 like they did with the 360. I'm not saying the ps3 is the greatest, but it is a greater console last genof the other two in my opinion.

webeblazing2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

im going to state what everybody know. they are pc devs. they are not beat working hard for results that they are not going to get, they seen they wasnt going to get no where from the results on xb360 vs what they was getting from pcs. when the game launched it had the most advance gfx effect. its even hard for ps4 to do supersampling, let alone the the graphical detail and effects. why would they continue, its the same thing just ps3 is a little bit better but compared to pc its too much work for a vision you just dont want.

this time the new console is up to pc standard with gfx effects, but it will soon be in the pass by the end of this year(im not even going to state a lot of pc dev want higher resolution and frame rate). i hate to admit it but no matter what the platform, devs move as a community. even tho consoles isnt as powerful as pc the dev still progress with them no matter how ahead they are. every time a new gen starts for consoles, pc leap frog it with pc gfx, tech, and gameplay. it like a big brother, hes better than you but tells you what to do while telling you to keep up.

im not point the finger at you but a lot of people think that since these devs work on consoles the dont love the graphic fidelity pc give or even like what pcs gives.

candy_mafia2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Yup, understandable they were limited with Xbox 360 for Witcher 2 (PS3 could have handled it, CDPK were under resourced) as 360 was then already 5 year old hardware and peaking like a duck.

But, I'm more interested in the difference's (if any) between PC, Xbox One & PS4 versions. The Witcher 3 looks like a super demanding game, visually and in scope.

Aloren2180d ago

Don't kid yourself, they'd felt limited on ps3 too.

candy_mafia2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I wasn't implying PS3 wasn't limiting to them (don't put words in my mouth), both 360/PS3 probably were.

I'm saying, had CD Projekt the resources at the time of Witcher 2's development, then PS3 could have handled a version of it too.

I wasn't kiddin' myself, you just read into it what you wanted to ;/

MidnytRain2179d ago


"...they were limited with Xbox 360 for Witcher 2 (PS3 could have handled it..."

I think you can see how this could have been misread...

SixtyNine2180d ago

They can say that now that new gen hardware is available. Otherwise the statement would be, "there's still a lot of untapped potential in the ps3 and 360".

webeblazing2180d ago

i think if the new consoles didnt release it would be pc exclusive like the 1st one

Eldyraen2180d ago

They are PC first (historically anyways)--they have been one of the more vocal companies about last gen weaknesses actually. Witcher 2 on 360 was a solid achievement but not a surprise they wanted more (ps3 had its strengths but still not near as varied as PS4/One apparently are). W2 on the 360 was first real entry to consoles so was a good icebreaker without going for multiplatform development all at once.

I look forward to W3 in general but still plan on going with PC.

Truehellfire2180d ago

If this was any other company I would agree with your statement. However CDPR was one of the few companies stating how underpowered the PS360 were. Even though they got the Witcher 2 running on the 360, they said that they had to do a lot of engine reworking to get it to run properly. I'm sure if the new consoles weren't out yet, CDPR would still not release the Witcher 3 for current gen.

Irishguy952179d ago

CDPR are one of the most trustworthy companies right now. They state exactly what they think. They aren't overhyping the Witcher 3 and are stating exactly what they're trying to achieve with it and exactly what bringing it to open world is changing from W2. Remember Todd howard and all his BS about Skyrim and Oblivion? CDPR never do that.

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A_Gamer2179d ago

iust picked up both witcher 1 and 2 on steam for just under 6 bucks, hopefully i can beat them before 3 comes out