Call of Duty 3 Review

Call of Duty 3 blasts its way onto the Xbox 360 with a white knuckled intensity that makes previous shooters seem tame by comparison. Almost everything in this game explodes, sending plumes of smoke and fire reaching to the sky, and when the player isn't barraged with grenades and tank fire, they'll be dodging thousands of bullets, all the while scores of soldiers (both Nazi and Allies) push their way up and down the battlefields, slaughtering the opposition or slumping into shallow graves. The 24-person multiplayer mode continues the fight, and the inclusion of tanks, bikes, and jeeps adds to the death match and capture the flag experience by giving players the type of variety found in EA's Battlefield series. Combined with the single player campaign, Call of Duty's online play rounds out a very impressive package, one that throttles the senses and shakes the soul.

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gnothe14453d ago

because I love myself some COD, but this one sucks!! well.... I cant really say sucks but it aint as good as seems as if something is missing, the guns dont have the pop that COD2 just dont feel right!!

as far as the multiplayer goes,with 24 people it seems like theres to much going on, theres no stragty, its just a free for all frag fest, IMO it just dont play or feel as good as COD2.I'll give it one thing it sure does look pretty, the graphics are great but thats about it!! im gonna beat the campaign mode then trade it in for F.E.A.R because I still got COD2!!

dantesparda4452d ago

I second that. I feel the same way. Like its missing something. That it just doesnt feel the same as part 2 and that part 2 is better, even though this one has better graphics and the same gameplay

NextGen24Gamer4453d ago

And I agree with it. I loved COD2 and COD3 is much much better in my opinion. FEAR is fantastic as well. Its been an amazing month and Rainbow six is on the way as well. All these AAA games. As far as the 24 players online. It does get hectic. But its still fun. I think 24 should be the max for games with players online. Any more than that its just not any fun to me. You walk 2 feet and get shot. Too many people and so little stratedy.

Marriot VP4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

yah now that my fears came true about this game, I think i'm gonna pass.

duh i'll miss things but it isn't worth 60 bucks