PlayStation Releases for March 2014; March Madness Returns

PlayStationing writes: "Since the beginning of time, mankind has known that March is one the best times of the year to release video games, and March 2014 is no exception, with a significant amount of games releasing this month across all platforms."

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Batzi2188d ago

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4 for me.

ZodTheRipper2188d ago

+ inFamous Second Son
and maybe Towerfall for some local multiplayer action :D

wastedcells2188d ago

Infamous !!! Can't wait.... MGS too for sure. Busting out the ps3 again for south park. Maybe dark souls 2. PS3 just keeps needing to be played. Left behind was great. I have an xbone too but I honestly could care less for PVZ or titan fall due to infamous and all the other great games listed. Also dead nation free for plus on ps4. Even if I were to get titan fall it would be on pc during a steam sale if it's even worth it at that point. Shit vita love too. FFX is tempting but I have a lot of vita games to play still. Great march for gaming.

Zombro2188d ago

When is plants vs zombies garden warfare comming to ps4 that game is so fun played it on neighbors xbox one

gaffyh2188d ago

I'd guess it would be a few months yet, because it is a timed exclusive I think.

Old_Boss_2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Dark Souls 2
Infamous Second Son.

supraking9512188d ago

site lists Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for PS4 on March 25? Is that correct? or did they just list the pc release date?

stavrami-mk22188d ago

I think so I been keeping an eye on Diablo and don't think it is the 25th, I hope it is though

Mr Marvel2188d ago

If that info is correct... then HOLY F**K!!!

I'd say it's incorrect though as it's not called RoS, but Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4. RoS is just the PC expansion, while UEE is the original game and the expansion all in one.

Hugodastrevas2188d ago

Dark Souls 2 get on my PS3 NOW!

candy_mafia2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

It's kinda insane that March has pretty cool games, but PS4 is like gold dust. Amazon won't have any until March 25th, and expect those to sell out almost immediately due to Amazon stating 'Backlog Stock Preorder Now'.

Mid-Late April is the next batch, so it's availability is low for awhile longer yet....I'll wager the next big drought will occur after Black Friday and with limited stock throughout the Holiday Season.

PS4 is Sony's best product right now, and Sony can't meet the demand fast enough!

This hasn't happened since the PS2 era!

Lukejrl2188d ago

my wife sourced mine by looking at best buy and futureshop and other places everyday. you may get lucky. the online stock updates pretty quickly, and you can reserve in store for a couple of hours.

candy_mafia2188d ago

Aww thnx for the heads up, but I got a PS4 Knack bundle already. Recently pre-ordered PS4 Infamous SS Bundle from Amazon for my Boyfriends birthday.

Shhhush! He don't got a clue lulz :)

chaos-lockheart2188d ago


What a lucky guy.

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The story is too old to be commented.