Xbox One Price Drop 'Slightly' at Amazon After Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Pre-Order

Amazon drops the Xbox One price 'slightly' after X1 Titanfall Bundle pre-order.

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Livingon6002183d ago

Microsoft is repeating what SEGA did in the past business wise. Screw the customers with something better only months after releasing something MUCH better. Titanfall bundle > Xbox One Console

fendernow2183d ago

That is your "OPINION". Please state the facts where customers are getting 'screwed' as you put it, and also, there is NO evidence of PS4 being ahead of Xbox One in console sales especially in the US.

Another thing, Sega wishes they had the business mindset of Microsoft so lets not go there.

GutZ312183d ago

Yeaaahhhh... About those sales numbers....
You might want to read the US NDA...

It only gets more lopsided with worldwide sales though.

heisenberguk2183d ago

I'd say msoft have proved they're behind by dropping the price so soon don't you?

cell9892183d ago

"also, there is NO evidence of PS4 being ahead of Xbox One in console sales especially in the US"

you have hit a new rock bottom in delusional land sir

Akira20202183d ago


Really kid? No evidence of the PS4 outselling the Xbone? There's nothing wrong with backing a sinking ship, but if you want to be taken seriously, you need to do actual research and stop posting emotional rhetoric.

Fendernow's post sounds like the Iraqi secretary of state telling the media allied forces were losing in Iraq during Iraqi Freedom. We all know how that ended.

Eonjay2183d ago

What would qualify as evidence? I suppose there is no evidence of the PS3 selling better in Japan. Am I right?

AgitatedOcelot2182d ago

You sound like Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf during the Iraq war.

There's no evidence! Those clearly obvious statistics showing the PS4 dominating the market must be misinterpreted.

kingtut2007892182d ago

Remember you don't have the "red ring of death" to help Microsoft with the sale number! Lol!

AceBlazer132182d ago

Delusion, delusion everywhere.

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VENOMACR12272183d ago

Yea, Microsoft really screwed me over. I bought my X1 on launch day and then 3 months later they are selling the same exact system, except it includes a game. How dare they sell the same exact system for slightly cheaper. THIS system is clearly much much better then the one I bought on launch day. This one is so MUCH better.


AgitatedOcelot2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Much, the Xbox One needs to be $50 lower than the ps4 minimum to get back in the game. And really it needs to be $299. And even then, It would still be a tough sell. The problem is, with these baby steps they are making it's going to shoot buyer confidence even more. If MS drops the price in three months, all that does is tell people to sit tight because it's going to drop more. And of course it is, right down below the price of the PS4

You have to convince the Xbox 360 owners to upgrade, it isn't much of an upgrade from what any of them can observe so far. And just forget all about pulling PS3 owners over. The PS3 is still outselling the Xbox One.

Alexious2182d ago

It can never be $50 lower than the PS4 unless they ruin themselves. Sony will be able to match any price cut.

Lucreto2183d ago

The Titanfall bundle in the UK doesn't seem to be getting much of a reaction on

It is number 15 at the moment and it is falling down the chart. It was at number 5 on the day it was announced.

The Fifa bundle is climbing the chart. It was in the 50's but it is number 31 now.

No_Limit2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

LOL, Amazon didn't drop the price, it is sold out of the regular XB1 and the $484.00 is from its third party resellers by the name of SaveCentral. God, I swear, if the XB1 price drop a single penny, it will be big news on N4G these days.

RadioActiveTwinky2183d ago

Amazon isn't actually sold out sadly. They are still a buying option under the more buying options tab. Amazon likes to put the best deals up in their page to get hits and purchases through them. They make a profit from each sale. It's similar to how the company I work for sells items through amazon.
we give them hits and sales and they reap the benefits of them not having to do a damn thing. The selling company is in charge of the rest, shipping, packaging and supply.

raWfodog2183d ago

Actually, Amazon did take $0.03 off of the Titanfall bundle :)

Better than nothing :)

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The story is too old to be commented.