Lock Up Your Infamous Collector's Edition, Humble Weekly [Deals]

Shane Roberts: The collector's edition of Infamous is already going in and out of stock, so if you want one we suggest you pre-order while you can. If you don't care about the collector's edition, you can also pre-order the standard edition for a free upgrade to the limited edition.

....Speaking of pre-order deals, we don't want you to miss them, or miss limited editions, or miss anything really, so we've made this awesome game release calendar that also includes all the current pre-order discounts

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ArchangelMike2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Got my Special Edition on pre-order already. I just wish it wasn't releasing on the same day as MGS:GZ. I can't play two games at once dammit!!!

AKissFromDaddy2190d ago

"I can't play two games at once dammit!" Agreed, however Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes releases on the 18th of March and inFAMOUS Second Son release 3 days later, March 21.

Nonetheless, it's still hard to manage time but good luck.

ArchangelMike2189d ago

Yeh, I'm in the UK. They both release on the same day here. On a side not Gamestop have got Ground Zeroes for under 20buck here!

Bathyj2188d ago

One day apart in Australia.

Sorry Metal Gear.

ABizzel12188d ago

I want the EU version so I can get that Jacket >:(

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badboy7762188d ago

Any infamous PS4 Bundles?

HarryMasonHerpderp2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Any good deals in the UK for Infamous?

-Foxtrot2188d ago

Damn I love that artwork but I really think the blue PS4 banner at the top ruins it.

It should of been a steelbook with the hand embossed.

fenome2188d ago

An embossed steelbook would've been perfect. All collectors editions should have stellbooks, they're so much more stylish and, well, collectible.

-Foxtrot2188d ago

Agree, whether it's collectors or limited editions they should all have Steelbooks.

They are collectible and you are less likely to sell the game because of the steelbook.

yeahokchief2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

disappointed best buy didnt stock more of the collectors edition for infamous second son. standard/limited edition will have to do.

Oh_Yeah2188d ago

I like the original version of anything I'm collecting lol. No greatest hits/ limited edition/ signed/ collectors edition ect. Even if it's the last on shelves or at a slightly lower price I still won't buy it, I'd look on eBay for the original. Idk why.

urwifeminder2188d ago

So glad this is on the xbox page so damn relevant to my tastes and needs.

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