Xbox Launch Title 'Cel Damage' Coming to PS4 in HD

Hardcore Gamer: When it comes to prospective game releases on the PS4, original Xbox launch titles aren't exactly the first to spring to mind

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ChaosKnight2190d ago

Lol, that's nuts. I remember playing the original Xbox game all the time back in 2002 in between rounds of Fusion Frenzy.

NarooN2190d ago

Fusion Frenzy was awesome, I'd love to see that game come back.

This is pretty bizarre though...I'd totally forgotten about Cel Damage, this is like THE most random game they could've picked to bring back x).

nicksetzer12190d ago

As an xb1 owner, i am honestly severely jealous right now. Have been waiting for this remake for years. Might be the push i needed to just buy both systems already.

malokevi2190d ago

Oh my god, read this and my heart skipped a beat. Cel damage was my first, and one of my favorite, Xbox one games. I'm so happy to hear this. Day 1 buy for me! :D

3-4-52190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Original Xbox used to have TONS of awesome new IP's, like Crimson skies, Blood wake, Deathrow, Fusion Frenzy ect....

They just gave up on trying and figured it was easier to milk things because that is what other industries do.

They are in a creative industry and milking things only lasts so long.

Creativity reigns supreme eventually and good ideas will rise to the top.

They just may have to appear on a different console though.

This is going to look awesome on the Vita.

nicksetzer12190d ago

Dude blood wake and deathrow!! Forgot about those use to love those games.

3-4-52190d ago

I'm glad somebody else remembers them.

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Snookies122190d ago

Lol, that's kind of crazy...

SpiralTear2190d ago

Talk about "out of the blue." Curious to see it in HD on PS4.

g-0ff2190d ago

Cel-shaded titles always look nice in HD, but this is still a bloody weird choice.

WeAreLegion2190d ago

This has been a strange week for gaming news...

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The story is too old to be commented.