Wolfenstein: The New Order - 5 Things We Learned [New 1080p Gameplay]

We take a look at some new 1080 gameplay whilst Dave tells Nath the 5 things that stood out most when he played Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 earlier this month.

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AKissFromDaddy2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

This is overtly violent gameplay. Looks beautiful. Hopefully, there is a good multiplayer too. If not, oh well.

Fishy Fingers2185d ago

Looks much better than I expected it to. Think it could be a lot of fun!

No multiplayer, but campaign is said to be 15-20 hours.

AKissFromDaddy2185d ago

"15-20 hours" That's a great length. This looks awesome and it's unfortunate there isn't multiplayer. This game screams it. Hopefully co-op or horde mode will come eventually(crosses fingers). However, no multiplayer or co-op is always better than bad multiplayer or co-op.

thereapersson2184d ago

Don't forget the numerous secrets I'm sure the developers have thrown throughout the campaign. I really miss the old "discover the environment" of old FPS games instead of this new "here, let's hold your hand through a linear corridor" like what you get with current FPS games.

Eonjay2185d ago

Dual wielding automatic rifles.

sgtGanGreen2184d ago

Dual wielding snipers also :D

dcj05242184d ago

Oh my god. This brings out the days when i played on that old ass big bulky computure and play doom with a terrible ball mouse just searching the level for secrets. My god that was fun. This seems to be a modernized version of that type of KILL FREAKING EVERYONE gameplay.

corvusmd2185d ago

Game wasn't on my radar, now it is....looks good. I think this is showing that the resolution debate thing is more about the developer than the hardware. If this game can do it, why not Ghosts?

senis_kenis2184d ago

it's id Tech 5 engine. It ran rage at 60 fts on ps360 remember? it's very simplistic rendering with baked in lightning not taxing on hardware. Absolutely not in the same league with modern deferred renderers with witch xbone struggles so much.

thereapersson2184d ago

And an article over 200 comments long about how because the One can also run the game at 60FPS that the two consoles are now suddenly on par with each other.

iistuii2184d ago

Played the old ones on PC, I remember getting broadband to play RTCW. Used to love online & it's a shame if there's no online in this one. Looks a lot of fun & old school like great shooters used to be like. Can't wait.

EjWarrior2184d ago

looks great why no multiplayer i hope for co op of something...

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The story is too old to be commented.