Lessons the Wii U should learn from the Super Nintendo.

Imran of the 16bitkings has had some time to asses the Wii U along side a SNES and draws up some ideas he thinks Nintedo could heed from their past successes.

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Benjaminkno2181d ago

...say... that button configuration looks familiar...

I'm not sure if gaming will be as golden as it used to be.

Now it's so... ... Hollywood ...

Mistakes or not, Nintendo has chosen their own path, and now they have to deal with it. All of this started after SNES... when Nintendo's newly formed relationship with Sony went sour. Everyone knows how much the original PlayStation helped the industry. Though wonderful Ps4 sales hasn't convinced me that the industry is still healthy.

We should be concerned with the market overall right now, with the exception of PC, smartphone and indie development.

Looks like things are only going to get worse before it gets better.
Especially for WiiU.

Even if WiiU sales somehow skyrocketed from SmshBros and MarioKart, that's not going to entice third party devs to support the console.

If only they didn't name it after Wii....

fonger082181d ago

It is extremely Hollywood and coporate.
It will be interesting to see the total numbers sold for consoles after this gen to truely see if the "causal" effect has taken away a good portion of the market. The traditional gaming industry, right now, is not exactly a very profitable business. Sony is essentially breaking even with their record numbers, Microsoft posted a profit for last year but with the need to cut the price on the Xbox One now will only dig into their margins... and the Wii U is costing the Nintendo millions their first console to lose them money. Right now I only see Sony/Playstation making money in the near future because of the manufacturing cost of the PS4 is so low (and will only get lower).

stragomccloud2180d ago

Quite true on all accounts.

N4g_null2180d ago

Very good post and subject. Anything nintendo would have been panned. There game play goes against the Hollywood design and pr hype machines. Certain companies just want to get rid of them all together. The truth of the matter is they are the only real console maker here now. Look at their out put so far... A huge amount of side scrollers, fitness games, exploration games, arcade action games, motion based games.

Hollywood only knows polygon count and effects. Any attempt to make a none pc based game results in boring... example would be knack.

So if Nintendo would have matched sony like how ms tried to do nintendo would have been stuck with a huge price tag and no 3rd party support.

The fusion project if they don't change their minds should fix the game output issue. I'm sure some indies could get bought out if they fill the ranks with uncharted like renders which is easier to do now on the wiiu.

There seems to be an empty drive with these current numbers for the ps4. Yet it has a ps2 ish feel to it. People have huge faith in 3rd parties now it seems yet last gen would show you 3rd parties as a whole are getting worst... let's see we lost midway, epic is a shell of its self and shunned gpgpu then everyone released a console with them lol. Bio ware is gone, value is never coming back. Cap com is unable to make new ip at all. Square almost died, Konami only makes metal gear now. Id software lost its main guy, rare is dead on arrival. NAUGHTY dog can only make story games now. Mine craft crush them all and that seems to be the only game notch wants to release lol.

It is not looking good. The industry is starting to get the game college grads only... the passion is gone and they are not giving the incentive to make new things or the money to fund them.

Every one is reacting to the apps store crazy and they love it... the bar is even lower now yet ever so high on consoles now.

App gaming and Hollywood gaming are both devaluing gaming as a whole. I remember paying 75 dollars for sf2 and loving it.

higgins782181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

People accuse Nintendo of living in the past, that or re-releasing the same games over and 1-2 every generation amounts to just how many COD's, Uncharted's or other such franchises milk the teat until its sore. Hear we are however re-living the past, asking (again) for Nintendo to live in it. I'm not saying the Wii U has had the best launch, particularly compared with other Nintendo launches, but both PS4 (I own one) and Xbox One have had arguably worse launches, hardware which has taken a step backwards and games cheaper and more readily available on past machines.

If however we are asking Nintendo to take some inspiration from previous consoles in its lineage then that surely should only be one...Gamecube. The Gamecube was a pure games machine, no trying to be the centre of the living room, a games machine built solely for games, and what games! The way people bang on about the Dreamcast - yes, it was great, I unlike a lot of the trolls owned one from launch, the Gamecube will for my money be far more fondly remembered and sought after in a year or two.

Yui_Suzumiya2181d ago

Eternal Darkness, RE Remake.. So yes, I agree

DC7772181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

The RE remake was awesome and graphically far superior to anything at the time. I have owned most consoles but my platinum gamecube is still my favorite. Hell it looked like a modern day LAN party pc. Extremely well built machine.

Chrischi19882181d ago

Thank you for your post, it really shows, that some people still think. It is funny, how even all the haters disagree with each other, but all have the solution, it is always a different one, but as you said, they think it is bad, because nintendo lives in the past, but then we get articles like that one, which basically is begging for it...

N4g_null2180d ago

Isn't the ngc the reason we are seeing games that do not appeal to the mass market gamer. Sure they had some great games but the games worth having where perfected on the wii game play wise even dk got better. 3d mario got way better. Any game play idea was better just due to the extra power. Yet 3rd party needs to go back to that era. Every since things became 3d the game play went down hill.

RosweeSon2181d ago

People always throw the oh nintendo recycle all their old stuff, it's utter guff, sure mario one and the old classics have come out on countless systems (sonic1/sega not exactly an angel it's been out everywhere) but they are more for younger people to experience older classics nintendo don't ask you to keep rebuying the same game, although if it's good enough which when were talking nintendo is pretty much always I have no problem, people say they churn out the same games yearly, nintendo have been doing games best part of 30 years and yet were on mario kart 8! Yes 8 not 15 not 25 8!! Sure there's lot of mario platformers but they are all different and pretty unique unless it's the same series ie new super mario bros, but mix it up play a galaxy, a 3d land/world and then a new super bros, but one thing that you can never accuse Nintendo off is a lazy rehash, 9/10 they are spot on with the games and the gaming world would be lost without them.... D-pad nintendo, face buttons as we have them these days... nintendo, shoulder buttons... Nintendo, rumble nintendo analogue sticks nintendo, the wii might well be ridiculed but without it kinnect wouldn't have been thought of neither play station move, nintendo move this gaming world on while the rest just wanna rest on their laurels, at least the games I'll be playing on my wii u are fresh brand new experience's, halo has just been announced for a big e3 reveal, I can tell you now it's a remake of number 2, wow! Just what I wanna go and buy a brand new console for... A 10 year old remake, pass!

RosweeSon2181d ago

If it ain't broke ie mario and zelda don't fix it, sure we all like changes here and there but the fact the zelda games alone take a good 2-3 years or so if not more (although they've pumped a few out recently 2 on DS one on 3DS, skyward sword wii and wind waker remake, surely new wii u one in next year or so, E3 reveal me thinks) but Nintendo always take a lot of thought into consideration, something that's doesn't show on the yearly iterations of call of duty, sure was great to start with but after 4 or 5 years of the same yearly update it's nearly as bad a FIFA, I like both series I have FIFA 14 on ps4 didn't bother with call of duty ghosts this year I normally always bought them for at least a rinse through the campaign but the fact this one came out in the middle of a new generation of consoles I would have thought they could have afforded a year off and come back with something special now they are on a 3 developers cycle I feel for the first team as they are gonna just get backlash, probably why they've hired sledgehammer so they can take a beating and the main dev's have the extra year but my days off cod are long gone haven't got the time for it these days and FIFA is ok in small doses but depending on which system you purchase on it can be a real half assed attempt of a game sometimes with half the modes or teams, something you've very very rarely be able to throw at nintendo, hey ho buy a wii U don't buy a wii u but you'll be missing out not only on a chance to reply the classics but also to play some of the most vibrant new and innovative games you'll see on any system.. Your loss!

RPG_Lover2181d ago

Sorry but this article is generalized, factless and quite shortsited.

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