Review: Far Cry Classic shows the original game hasn’t stood the test of time

The first-person shooter genre has come a long way since 2004

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Primal Rex2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

It wasn't great but there's some fun to be had with it if your willing to forgive its faults,though the voice acting is truly awful !!!

BrianSharon2186d ago

You're right, it's not terrible on its own merits. However this remake on the other hand, well...

WeAreLegion2186d ago

No. It was a crappy port. How did they screw it up so badly?!?

BrianSharon2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I'm not sure. I hesitate to say that it was lazily ported, but it feels that way.

WeAreLegion2186d ago

Oh, trust me. It was. I still play the original on my PC. They managed to make it look worse, ruin the hit detection, and ADD tons of bugs. The frame rate, alone, makes it almost unplayable.

dcj05242186d ago


InklingGirl2186d ago

My question is why did it take so long to get a release and why near the end of the Xbox 360's and PS3's life cycle?

I remember wanting to play this game when the original Xbox was big news. Seems like a waste to be honest...

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