Sony Santa Monica dev refutes claim of IP cancelled for 'Destiny' similarities

Cory Barlog, an employee of Sony Santa Monica, has refuted the rumor Thursday that the studios' cancelled new IP (and the layoffs that followed) were over similarities to "Destiny."

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Majin-vegeta2181d ago

Did anyone else stop to think that maybe the game wasn't working out as they had planned it too and instead scrapped it??Shocker I know.

sAVAge_bEaST2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I had a similar thought, the major one being,.. Sony seems intent on rendering cut scenes, and gameplay- together.. (Trend started with the TLoU, continues with Second Son, & The Order)

Maybe it was going in a different direction, they have visioned ,, for the Ps4. (just a thought)

Edsword2181d ago

Exactly. I don't think they would have scrapped the game for being similar to another game. But they would if it was not coming along, then especially if it was similar to another game that was.

LexHazard792181d ago

So they scrapped it and laid off 50 people...ok that makes sense! Monkey business, you should know alot about that Sayain

Omegasyde2181d ago

Here is my 2 cents.

People were cut and the project was scrapped because.

A)Sony is downsizing. Google it.

B) The City of Santa Monica (west LA) is expensive. for example living wage is 11$ per hour baseline

C)Moving the Santa Monica HQ to a CHEAPER building. Less rent, probably less space as well. Not everyone can fit in the studios new location.

D)Santa Monica has a lot of Projects they help with. They help with 3rd party studios and spec test games to release on Sony platforms. During the Ps1-PS2 days this task was handled by the Studios in Foster City, but then switched to Santa Monica (no clue why).

E)Does anyone know the amount of ALL the staff Santa Monica has? Now 50 people being layed off sucks but they had over 200+ employees. Do the math:

...And Food for Thought: Microsoft Layoffs.

TLDR: Down-sizing happens. Project that got canceled was probably the least appealing. *Cough* Starhawk2 *Cough*

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Team_Litt2181d ago

So now can we stop saying it was cancelled out of some respect for bungie cause Sony is building a relationship with them?
I mean why would Sony lay off their own staff for the sake of a relationship with a 3rd party studio?

pupa2181d ago

Maybe the GOW crew still had to much GOW fever in their minds and in the new IP. We will not know for real unless Sony come with an official report or we get some unofficial feedback from someone on the inside of this saga. A pity thought all the same.

kevinsheeks2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I read the article how did he refute it? I read it but I don't see where he said anything to the contrary

lmao you guys are taking this title and "article" wayyy out of context he basically insulted the website without giving a clear explanation

going by his twitter responses he's referring to the website saying he will helm the next god of war title >.>

also his very thin response doesn't mean much if he doesn't explain anything in the website respects his opinion but still kept their stance

"the cancellation of the new IP was supposedly caused by development troubles in distinguishing their game over "Destiny." While Rocket Chainsaw stands by on their sources, they acknowledge Barlog's statement over the matter."

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The story is too old to be commented.