Sucker Punch Is “a One-Team Studio”

SonyRumors: Sucker Punch, the developers behind the inFamous franchise say they are "a one-team studio" and prefer to work on one project at a time, versus the Naughty Dog strategy of two internal teams, working on separate franchises.

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bebitech2192d ago

I dunno. I guess I don't see a problem with working on two different titles at once

Abash2192d ago

I wish Sony would buy Sanzaru Games, make them apart of Sucker Punch, and have the original Sucker Punch working on inFamous while Sanzaru becomes the "Sly Cooper team" and makes Sly games

yewles12192d ago

They're too busy making Sonic Boom for 3DS.

linkenski2192d ago

They're too busy making soulless continuations of IPs they didn't create themselves.

Sly 4 included.

-Foxtrot2192d ago

They do realise you can have two teams without ruining anything. Look at ND, things are going pretty smoothly over there.

The main team could work on inFAMOUS as the second team work on a new IP.

SRN_Games2192d ago

Agreed. As long as you're not splitting one team to work on two titles and each team is appropriately staffed and funded, there should be no problem.

linkenski2192d ago

Well they're getting increasingly worse at making game that balance gameplay and story so there's still enough player-agency. I much prefer the Jak games to their rollercoaster one-way-ticket games since UC1.

Something tells me that the more teams you have, the more by-the-numbers it gets.

MegaRay2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Sadly, to me sucker punch made better games than ND last decade (infamous 1 2 SS vs uncharted 123 and tlou) if they had two teams they would've make even better games.
I hope sony atleast fund them to hire a few developer to make a vita game.
It would be disappointing if they made only two games this upcoming generation