GamesBeat: Yoshi's New Island makes us question all of his dino-egg tossing

GamesBeat: I have some weird questions about Yoshi’s New Island that Nintendo will likely never explain. When Yoshi sucks in some poor Shy Guy and generates an egg, what happens to the Shy Guy? Does Yoshi absorb his corpse in order to generate an egg? Is the Shy Guy horrifyingly trapped inside the egg (and if so, can he breathe)? Does the egg hold the genetic product of combining a Yoshi and a Shy Guy? If true, is Yoshi’s tossing of said eggs really a tale of rampant child abandonment?

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crazytown992180d ago

Nice to see Nintendo making sequels instead of the almost constant re-ports.

darkronin2292180d ago

Yoshi is a terrifying beast. How can anyone trust their babies with him?

NagaSotuva2180d ago

So, is Yoshi a him or a her?

Sadie21002180d ago

I remember a long time ago, EGM did an article that questioned Toad's gender.

JeffGrubb2180d ago


Or wait. Yos-he?

Sadie21002180d ago

This game looks so freakin' beautiful.

wita2180d ago

Ohhh man! Almost here!