Tiger Woods PGA 07 - Xbox 360 vs. PS3 video

Today another Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 comparison video. This time we will look at the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Do you see any major differences?

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RBlaze4450d ago

Dont just come on here and say 'PS3 looks way cooler then that rubbish 360 version' or 'that PS3 one looks crap, the 360 game looks amazing'!! There is barely any difference in these, even in HD! i Guaruntee if they had switched the names of the vids, no one would realise!!! These two look almost identical. The only subtle difference i could see was a slight change in colours of the grass, thats it!

Donkey Slayer4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

of course the PS3 will still get sloppy ports of games developed for 360 for fanboys to jump on.

Funny how fanbosy clammer 200 difference when really it is $100 difference. Be real. the Core 360 isn't ready out of the box like the baseline PS3. The core 360 doesn't even play every 360 game out of the box either.

Mr Murda4449d ago

...GREAT XMAS DEAL! The XBOX 360 has $500 graphics for only $300!!!

sweet deal (unless you believe sony's comparison "fact sheet")

neeharb4450d ago

Hey ..i dont see why i need to pay 200$ more atleast now now the xbox 360 version looks better without ne doubt ... its even got more colour ..will buy a ps3 when it shows me better results and when its cheap ...

InMyOpinion4450d ago

If there are any differences they probably are caused by different developers working on each system version. Call of duty 3 is more interesting. Those steady 60 fps on the 360 version really gives the game a rich dimension. I love 60 fps! No clue how they were able to implement it considering it's by far the best looking 360 game following GOW.

Hayabusa 1174450d ago

In all honesty, there's barely any difference. The differences I thought I saw I think were down to different camera angles e.t.c. I think the 360 had brighter trees in the back ground, which makes it look better.

But most people are forgetting the biggest difference...the 360 player was better! HA!