PS4 Sub Account restrictions are a serious issue that needs to be addressed already

PSU examines the issue concerning PlayStation Sub Accounts and why Sony needs to address it sooner rather than later.

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yazter2187d ago

"Oh is this a serious issue? Let's add a completely unrelated feature that no one cares about and then wonder why everyone is bitching and moaning."

- The firmware team.

I'm still waiting on that DNLA and mp3 support but now it's easier to ignore these and give up on them.

cheez07072187d ago

Um, an unrelated feature that no one cares about? Maybe it doesn't affect you but sub accounts limit the PS4's features to the extreme, way more than it did on PS3. What's the point of a share button if I can't even use it? Sony should have fixed this problem a long time ago, now I have to leave my sub behind and create a master account and lose all my trophies (yes, I'm a trophy hoarder)? That's the best Sony can do? Give me a break. You follow the ToS and in the end get punished for it, seems perfectly logical to me.

cheez07072187d ago

Sorry, went straight to the comments box...

yazter2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Assuming this is a reply to me (and if it's not please ignore the following):

What I meant was that this IS a serious issue. But based on previous firmware and the firmware team's MO they hear about an issue (i.e. subaccount thingie) but then completely ignore it and add unrelated features no one cares about.

Anon19742187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Why on earth would you make purchases on a sub-account? That's just ridiculous. You're all grown up now...make a Master Account and move on with your life. Problem solved.

Am I missing something here?

firelogic2187d ago

You're missing the fact that ppl love to bitch and moan about everything.

cheez07072187d ago

Because if you're under the age of 18 you have to create a sub account under a master account, it states in the ToS that if you don't you might get your console banned. The big problem atm is now that sub users are older, they can't upgrade to a master account, so we're stuck with all these PS4 restrictions. Yes I could create a new master account, but then I lose all my trophies among other issues I'd have to deal with. It sucks tbh.

Anon19742187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

No, I understand why you had a sub-account in the first place. I don't understand what the big deal is with just making a new Master account once you hit 18. Trophies are just a pointless, virtual pat on the head. They don't mean anything. Who cares if you have to start over with a master account?

Maybe it's just that I'm an old guy, but to me this seems like complaining that once you graduated high school, they didn't let you keep your reward stickers from earlier grades when you left. I just don't get it. Is your gameplay experience somehow handicapped because you create a new account? It's just an account.

Meanwhile, for Sony to address this non-issue, how much would it cost? How many man hours would need to be put in, and then this opens up the difficulty of policing and managing sub-account to master account switches. Why on earth would they spend resources doing that when the solution is "User opens a master account. End." If I had to create a new account for some reason tomorrow, I wouldn't bat an eye (as long as my purchased content was still made available to me).

DualWielding2187d ago

@darkride66 I don't care about trophies either but apparently lots of people do, lots of people were even willing to take all of Microsoft's DRM crap instead of switching to PS4 of just to keep their achievements. If they are that important to people, then yes Sony should make sure everyone can keep the trophies when they upgrade to PS4 in order to give an incentive for consumers to stay with them rather than jumping to the competition

Hicken2187d ago

No, you're missing nothing.

It's not even a real complaint. But then, a lot of them aren't, these days.

Bladesfist2187d ago

Oh this is about Sony, fake. Dismiss it.