Sony Dev On Santa Monica's Canceled IP: Hype Alone Does Not Decide Game's Completion

Some games just aren't made on hype alone, according to the developer.

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Bonkerz2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Wait, are they trying to say a game that was ready to be shown at E3 wasnt on its way to completion? Obviously the game was not "done or ready" but dont try and hide the fact that the game was being prepared to be shown at E3, and the financial state of Sony forced them to cancel the project. If you think im trolling, think again in the past 2 days they have laid off 50 devs AND closed 20 retail stores.

This is just the usual damage control.

-Foxtrot2182d ago

What game when shown for the first time is near completion.

It was going to be a teaser...nothing more

Look at long has that been in development, DriveClub, Bioshock Infinite was shown as a tec demo if I recall correctly when Ken Levine showed only the skyhook elements.

Black Tusk's game was another one....wasn't even a game, it was apparently a tech demo.

ZodTheRipper2182d ago

With every news I read I think it was the right decision to cancel this. I can really understand why they didn't want to compete with Destiny, especially if their game isn't on Destinys level quality-wise.

Now SSM is probably working on GoW 4 ...and if they really go into another mythology this might as well be the "New IP" everyone is asking for.

ABizzel12182d ago


Agreed, it was only getting ready for a teaser reveal which meant it wouldn't be releasing until late 2015 - early 2016 at the soonest which meant this game was going to likely have a big budget being a New open world IP with another 1.5 - 2+ years of development.

The most likely thing was budget was deemed to be higher than the potential profit which meant it had to be canned. Again it sucks, but that's business.

fonger082182d ago

My friend at the Sony Store in town is getting laid off in March/April, but he's getting a decent severance check. It is what it is I guess. New Ips are always cool on paper but usually business priorities take precedent. It's not like Sony's financial problems can be ignored, they have to make cuts across the board. Hopefully this will allow them to be more nimble as a company and allow them to focus more on things that actually make them money.

iamnsuperman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Or they thought it would be a hard sell (very little return) . Sony is a business after all. Also just because something is ready to shown at E3 doesn't mean it is appropriate nor any good. We don't know. The game might not have been very good to carry on

scott1822182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

The Playstation brand is very profitable and much more popular than the competing Xbox brand, the only reason Sony would feel any need at all to do this is because the game wasn't looking good...

I really doubt any of their restructuring would affect Playstation.

Joe9132182d ago

I agree they were working on the game since GOW3 came out which was March 2010 so far about 4 years and if it had another year or so then I can see Sony saying screw it especially if Destiny was coming out first then they would have had a hard time selling ppl this open world space game when they competing with a open world kinda mmo type game made by the company that made one of the best space games in history.

Hard8times2182d ago

A insider a unknown source said it was to be shown at E3 so now a unknown source is credible LMAO

geddesmond2182d ago

They had over 220 people working at SSM. I think it's safe to say that the 50 layoffs were the studios least talented developers there. It's only one game. If the game was decent then it wouldn't have been canceled.

Their financial state forced them ROFL. Sonys computer entertainment sector is there most profitable and if they can afford to move SSM to a bigger office location and buy the production company that makes Wii U chips then their financial state can't be that bad.

Ck1x2182d ago

They just purchased that factory of Renesas they don't own the whole company... Renesas is a very large company in general

medman2182d ago

Sony studios deliver games, while Microslop customers continually offer excuses for why the xbone is falling short of expectations, from performance to sales. Sit down son, you're not relevant here. Neither is dat bone.

firelogic2182d ago

You guys are idiots. Plain and simple. Sony is in the business of making money. If they had a game that they thought was great and could sell millions, they'd finish it and sell it. They think the game is garbage so they canned it.

I honestly can't fathom why people are pissed off that a game they knew nothing about is cancelled. For all you know it coulda been a sci-fi game with kratos as the main character as an astronaut who needs to shoot meteors like a match 3 game.

Just shut the fuck up about it.

JP13692182d ago

Another know-nothing commenting on N4G. If money was really the issue, they would have cancelled projects that were further from completion. You don't cancel a project four years into development because you suddenly realize you don't have the budget for it. GG's project, which is 2.5 years old, would have gone first, as would any that had less dev time. There are a number of reasons to cancel a project of this nature, none of which you seem interested in, what with your misinformed diatribe and all.
Also, the closing of the retail stores has been planned for some time now and is part of Sony's restructuring efforts. Nice try though.

Akuma072182d ago


You are just trolling. You are obviously an Xbot, because only Xbot's are stupid enough to think of Sony's "financial state" as anything negative. They closed those stores as part of their restructuring effort, to help streamline the business and come back to profitability, manufacturer retail stores are a bad idea these days, they are selling their products for RRP, when people can go across the road to a different retailer and buy the same Sony product for a discounted price.

The Playstation brand is profitable, they cancelled this project because of the difficulties it was having, it is not worth keeping a project in development for years if it isn't working out.

Go troll somewhere else, I am tired of reading stupid comments from people who don't care to think more.

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2182d ago
lemoncake2182d ago

Sony cannot afford to take many risks, expect the remaining staff to be hard at work on another God of War game.

LAWSON722182d ago

Sadly this probably true

iamnsuperman2182d ago

But didn't the last GOW game sell pretty badly (compared to its other games). Releasing another GOW so soon seems like a crap business idea. They have more chance with a risk

yewles12182d ago

You'd have to be naive to think we aren't getting GoW regardless, SSM work on multiple projects all the time in some form or another. A GoW is inevitable, and doesn't require focus.

Eonjay2182d ago

Am I the only one who noticed that everyone who was let go had a connection to God of War 3, Ascension, or both? Why would they law off GOW staff to build another GOW?

fonger082182d ago

lol yeah i saw that too, but I don't think its going to stop them from making another one... kind like I don't see Kevin Levine departing stopping 2K from making another Bioshock.

hkgamer2182d ago

Kinda sad to know another game cancelled. Would have helped with the small amount of exclusives available.

SpiralTear2182d ago

Sony seems to be doing pretty well on exclusives these days. If you don't like any of them, that's your preference, but they are there.

hkgamer2182d ago

infamous great... last order? not too interested....

now what else?

i cant think of any and another exclusive would have been great. i know more are coming but i havent heard of any lately and thr only news we get is a game being cancelled and big named staff getting sacked/redundant.

if you dont feel sad about these news then i dont know.

TomahawkX2182d ago

hopefully they can use some of the assets for another project. It would be a waste considering the quality of work SSM is known for creating.

hkgamer2182d ago

think cancelled games assets are normally reused. i doubt they will be locked up and never used again.

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