Project Zomboid on its way to the PlayStation 4?

Eskimo Press: "Project Zomboid, even in its earliest stages of development, is one of the most interesting Zombie games out there. In Project Zomboid you can literally do anything to aid your survival -- and with the developers, The Indie Stone, working on a multi-player mode the game will most likely delivery the definitive zombie experience."

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Sako2183d ago

I hope so! It's an awesome game and it would be a blast to play it cooperatively over PSN

mantisimo2182d ago

Please please be true! Looks like a winner!

THC CELL2182d ago

this is what i dont get about dean hall day z he was worried about xbox now he hugging it where sony would of been the best choice for him, ah well his loss.

Opinion i think day z will be a xbox exclusive.

Nicaragua2182d ago

I hope so but I cant see it happening anytime soon.