Should I be excited about… Titanfall Preview at CalmDownTom

"Overall I am still looking forward to Titanfall but my expectations have been lowered. This isn’t exactly another Call of Duty, but they also haven’t differentiated themselves enough to make Titanfall revolutionary.", says CalmDownTom

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2cents2190d ago

If you want a revolutionary different shooter to COD, then go get plants v zombies. Otherwise calm down tom and buy titanfall... Or don't...

I am :)

4Sh0w2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I dont know should you?

I mean all the info in the world is out there. Tons of positive previews, tons of awards, tons of gameplay vids, a Alpha and a Beta with tons of positive feedback. If you can't make up your mind based on all that then I can only imagine the brain damage you must go through buying 95% of other games with far less exposure.

So again my only answer to the headline is I don't know, should you?; May I suggest you just flip a coin.

Heisenburger2190d ago

Well you just can just take the fun out of anything, can't you? Lol

Regardless of which platform(s) you own, March is going to be one hell of a month.

-Foxtrot2190d ago

Positive previews, awards, reviews even don't mean crap most of the time.

FF13, Sonic Lost World, Knack, Ryse and the biggest example Alien Colonel Marines all got hyped up posstive feedback before the games came out and some like FF13 got amazing reviews yet it didnt mean the games were as good as they made out to be.

COD gets amazing like reviews every year and they are bad

4Sh0w2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )


Thats BS when a game gets postive previews, AND awards AND reviews most of the time it DOES mean alot, a few bad examples don't change that. Plus none of the games you mentioned fit ALL 3 CRITERIA, yeah maybe 1 of the 3, could be misleading but NONE achieved the pre-launch accolades of Titanfall anyway.

Please link me where ANY OF THOSE GAMES won close to 75 Awards cumulatively from E3, Gamescom, PAX Prime, and Tokyo Game Show, along with almost unanimous praise from well known gaming sites, including majority positive feedback from a Alpha and Beta from the gamers who played from themselves. Here's a link for Titanfall Awards:

Im not saying whether or not those games weren't good but more importantly I'll wait for a link to where any of them had close to Titanfall's pre-launch accolades, I wont hold my breath though cause I think you are full of jelly, and just making up BS? lol, funny part is after telling this guy there is a mountain of info he could use to figure out the answer I just suggested he flip a coin.

diehardmetallicafan2189d ago

why not just wait?.. wait for the reviews and youtube reviews and videos, THEN spend your money. and if you don't like it, it's your own fucking fault!

Bigpappy2190d ago

Yes. If you like FPS, it hold the most promise of what is shown so far.

Modi19842190d ago

the hype bigger than the game itself !

Gridloc2190d ago

I absolutely loved the game for around 3 hours then it became same old same old...

Bigpappy2190d ago

I think you mean the Beta (Demo).

MisterFantastic2190d ago

I wish they hurry and release this damn game. I'm tired of hearing about it -___- gaming sites act like Titan Fall is some miracle game...

Tedakin2190d ago

Titanfall is the funnest game I've played in years. It's insane. And yes I play a lot of video games, so don't throw that "you must not play games" jargon at me.

dekke2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

yeah its fun for u cuz its so easy for HC FPS players will dominate this one at 7p 13 fps :P /s

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