Preview - Murdered: Soul Suspect | One of 2014's biggest surprises? | ArabicGamers

ArabicGamers writes:

So you're a detective in a dodgy city. You've managed to track down a suspect and follow him to an apartment on the top floor of the building. He resists your attempts to arrest him and instead overpowers you and throws you out of the window, before you land three floors below. Dead. Game over. Right?

Wrong. This is only the beginning of Murdered: Soul Suspect, a game that sees you wandering the real world as a ghostly spirit, intent on finding out the identity of your killer so that you can put your mind at rest and move on fully to the afterlife.

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thetamer2186d ago

Good preview. Not sure I'm going to invest in it though. It sounds like it was a game that would've been more successful in the early 2000s rather than now.

christocolus2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I like the concept,i may give it a trial when it comes out but it doesnt really look next-gen.

Sayburr2185d ago

Sounds right up my alley. I like games that you have to figure out... but I grew up playing games like Myst, Zork, and Hitchhikers Guide... so, yeah, I am very interested in this game.