How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend On Gaming?

A mini opinion piece via EGMR in which the author asks the question of how many hours a week we spend on gaming.

Quote: "What confuses me then is reading tweets of people I know are comfortably working class — some who even have families of their own — who are finishing games that, at my pace during a regular week (as in not on holiday) would take me weeks. And I like to think of myself as something of a fervent gamer if I really get into the swing of a game. "

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Applejack2187d ago

I usually get around 10-15 hours of gaming in a week if I'm not too busy. I have a job now and it can get pretty hectic so I believe I get a good amount of gaming in regardless.

TomShoe2187d ago

How many hours do I spend a day?

Not enough. Around 8-12 hours a week. Curse this damned social life, why do I have to have one anyway?

Boltshocker2187d ago

About 15-20 hours depending what time i get home from work

DeadRabbits2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I reckon about 40.......... Being a stay at home dad is freaking awesome! My game time has increased since Vita Remote play as I never play the rougher games with kids around!

Goro2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

In 2010 - About 50 hours
In 2011 - About 90 hours
In 2012 - About 70 hours
In 2013 - About 40 hours
In 2014 - About 20 hours

By 2015, I think it will sink to around the 10 hours mark :(

levian2187d ago

Almost the same here, except I'm out of a job atm and looking... so I'm closer to the 70 hours a week :P

I_am_Batman2187d ago

Wow that's a lot. 90 hours a week in 2011 sounds almost impossible unless you're spending 90 percent of you're awake time playing games.

I'm playing about 15-20 hours a week and I personally think that's quite a lot.

Goro2187d ago

I was, literally all i done that year was sleep, eat and play video games ...

insomnium22187d ago

My gametime has taken a plunge ever since we got our first child (she is now soon 11yo).

I decided not to work on weekends for a while so I might be able to get 5-10 hours gaming done. That's if I'm not watching movies with wifey or watch any anime/movies myself. We got our third child a year and a half ago so now my gaming has been restricted to an hour a day if I'm getting up early for my morning jog and maybe 1.5 hours a day if I just get up for work and not do the morning jog before work....sigh.

It would be nice to get a small vacation from all this and just play videogames for a day or two. One can always dream right LOL!

Anon19742187d ago

Like insomnium2, my game time has plunged in the years since I had kids. I'm averaging maybe between 5-10 hours a week now, if I'm lucky. Although, my son is starting to get into games now at 4yrs so I've been doing some Lego games co-op with him and it's been enjoyable.

Still, a far cry from the days when I could find the time to put 100 hours into a game. I'm trying to force myself to find time to play a bit more. I'm doing game development for a living and I think it's important to try new games and keep playing to keep me on my toes.

Meltic2187d ago

less now than Before. Work, wife, kids. Life :). But i try 1-3 hours per day

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The story is too old to be commented.