Online Games You need to Play Before Nintendo Shuts Them Down

Nintendo has announced that as of May 20th, all online gameplay services for the DS and Wii will cease to function. Needless to say, this is quite the bummer for those of us who do not yet own a Wii U or 3DS, and so, I’ve pieced together a list of titles you need to play online before Nintendo WiFi connection is no more.

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yugovega2187d ago

i'd add the conduit to that list for wii. very fun and showing the wiiremote worked great for shooters.

imXify2187d ago

Conduit 1 and 2 aren't affected by this.

SpiralTear2187d ago

Metroid Prime: Hunters was incredible. Very robust options for a handheld game, and surprisingly functional controls.

3-4-52187d ago

Yea but Metroid Prime: Hunters lives forever because it has BOTS.

So even if the online is gone, you can always STILL play the multiplayer.

You can't say that about too many games these games.

And when a game like that's online muyltiplayer is shut down and they have no bots.....= game over, nobody can enjoy that game again as it was meant to.

* I can still go play Perfect Dark and it will play exactly as it did back when it was released, and there is still replay value there.