Former Irrational Games Employee Sells Rare BioShock Memorabilia To Make Ends Meet

Andreas Asimakis writes, " A recent Ebay listing may offer insight into not only how difficult the transition has been for the talented team, but how little time Irrational Games’ employees had to prepare for their impeding joblessness."

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yazter2185d ago

Wow. I really wish them luck. Gold rush right there for other developers to come and nab.

Christopher2184d ago

From the article: " I'm selling this item for a colleague in order to add to our savings..."

Yes, totally to make ends meet...

yeahokchief2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Between Irrational and Sony Santa Monica...

yea if i had a few hundred million dollars to throw around i'd collect them all like pokemons.

have them all bring in their paystub from their last role, double it and you'd have a killer team. half of them would have to move though.

what are the odds one of the sony santa monica guys goes on to work with one of the irrational guys?

abstractel2184d ago

Wish them luck too... I feel they should have gotten a longer notice. I've been in that boat where you find out 5pm on a Friday that on Monday you don't have a job.

JOEgolferG2185d ago

Thats the thing though.... everybody feels sorry for them but they will be snapped up straight away! People in thousands are losing their jobs everyday, get over it gaming community jesus!

Scissorman822185d ago

Judging by how quick the items went on Ebay, the employees may have had little to no knowledge of the company's closure. And who's to say they'll get 'snapped up straight away'? There are no guarantees. And this level designer was worried enough to part ways with his priceless tokens of his time with Irrational Games. So interpret that as you will. But don't come out and say get over it as it is no big deal. When you means of income suddenly stops (and for a reason I still can't grasp in Irrational Games' case) the consequences are immediate.

ThreshStar2185d ago

Easy thing to say.

Are you a working adult? If so, quit your job right now. Go ahead! Then, try and get a new job. See if you'll be "snapped up straight away".

If you're not a working adult, then understand this: There are NO GUARANTEES in life, ESPECIALLY when it comes to financial issues. Just because you were part of a good company doesn't guarantee you ANYTHING in this world - it merely gives you a chance. That's it.

If you ARE an adult, then shame on you. You know better.

JOEgolferG2185d ago

Trust me i know what its like. I'm 24 and have already been laid off on 5 occasions since i left school, i'm currently in a safe job thankfully but these guys are a well know studio, its a bit like when a football (english football) manager gets the sack theres always a door open elsewhere and thats what i believe its like in the gaming industry when you work for such a prolific studio.

Oh_Yeah2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

We've got a thing here called unemployment, they'll be able to sit on their asses for a while collecting bigger checks than a lot of people. Theyll most likely get "snapped up" within that time or find something. You're acting like they're gonna be broke, give me a break.

ThreshStar2185d ago


You DO realize that unemployment is extremely limited from State to State, right? Some states only offer $300 a week maxium - a far cry from their usual paychecks.

...and to comment on your "they'll be fine" attitude, this article is about someone who is selling major items TO MAKE MONEY ASAP.

Again, if you're not an adult, do some research before spouting off on how revenue streams for individuals work.

If you are an adult, then once again, shame on you. You know better.

Oh_Yeah2184d ago

They'll be getting the max whatever it is in their perspective state, these guys made 75 to around 100 grand a year, THATS ALOT OF MONEY and if they didn't save some of that for situations like this then shame on them, they're irresponsible adults. Also 300 a week is enough to pair up with a roommate and afford a decent apartment and living if need be.....meanwhile in Africa.

ThreshStar2184d ago

"...these guys made 75 to around 100 grand a year"

That one made me actually laugh out loud.

I just realized I'm discussing this issue with someone who knows NOTHING about finances within the game industry.

Boy oh boy are you going to be DISAPPOINTED when you grow up.

...and I KNOW you're not an adult that's out on his/her own yet because once again, you forgot about the entire point of this article which is a former employee of Irrational Games is selling major merchandize to get some money due to his pending unemployment.

Oh_Yeah2184d ago

I just got laid off a month ago. I was making 15 an hour, my unemployment pays roughly 200 a week, I'm having no problem living in a 900$ a month townhouse with two romates paying my share, until I find another job, which I'm allotted around 6 months to do so. Though I'm used to having a bit more cushion it's still enough to get by. Be smart with your money and decisions, that's all I've got to say.

yeahokchief2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

If you have a degree or some type of skill it's not hard finding work. I've quit at least 2 or 3 jobs blindly and got raises a week later. All worked out pretty well.

That's why i say nothing you can buy feels better than having no debt. No debt + very little responsibility/bills = freedom to do whatever you want. BRING US THE GIRL AND WIPE AWAY THE DEBT.

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clearly you never worked a day in your life to have such a nasty attitude. when your source of income suddenly stops lets see if you just "get over it" bubble down

SilentNegotiator2185d ago

They'll probably be uprooted from their homes to find new jobs. Even if they find new jobs instantly, it's still a very unfortunate situation for them.

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DJ2185d ago

Still can't understand how Ken Levine thought firing everyone was a good decision. The company was doing great!

JP13692185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

It wasn't Ken Levine, it was 2K. And no, the company wasn't doing great. They took six years to produce a game whose revenue didn't come close to equaling the cost of production and revenue forgone from other projects that could have been completed in that time.

Edit: In a way, it was Levine's fault, as his poorly managed team sunk such a large pile of cash into the game that the survival of the company was wholly dependent on that one game.

jdaboss2185d ago

There are reports that this game costed 200 million to develop and market.. The game sold well but 200 million is 200 million.. Theres your reason.

kremit-212185d ago

I have forever lost all respect for ken levine.

JP13692185d ago

I've lost all respect for people that can't be bothered to do a little research before making statements that insinuate a false version of reality.

kremit-212185d ago

your respect means nothing to me

BattleTorn2185d ago

Wow, $3000, and $2500 listings for statues on his eBay account.

It sucks that he's having to sell his items off, for sure.

I think the prices are crazy, then again there are crazy people who will bid undoubtedly.

Scissorman822185d ago

Remember these are company gifts - not really meant for a fan to put on their mantle. The sentimental value is through the rough on these pieces; I can't even imagine how hard it would be to part ways with these relics. The price may be steep for us, but remember, this guy is out of job - he's just trying to be as prepared as possible. Having a couple of months rent in your savings is a smart idea considering you don't really know how soon you'll land another steady gig.

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