New Developers Sign On to [email protected]

From Chris Charla, Director of [email protected]:

"It has been an exciting couple months for [email protected] We created this program to make it easy for independent developers to bring their innovative ideas to Xbox One, and the response from the community continues to be amazing!"

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Bonkerz2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

There you go, you guys asked for indie games, and they delivered. Also i already know people are gonna troll and say X1 you dont want indies, blah blah. No your wrong, we do want indies our arguement though has always been PS4 seemed to focus a bit TO much on them. X1 has a very solid list of AAA coming as well as the indies now, thats a good strategy, when one focuses to much on something thats when the problems start.

I must say i am blown away by how strong MS is coming with X1. I could not be happier with my purchase, cant wait to hear more about Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive as well.

TitanUp2180d ago

both the x1 and ps4 have flagship titles releasing soon and plus a ton of indies i don't think either one of them focused to much on one thing

SixtyNine2180d ago

Quantum Break . . I can't wait to see more of what Remedy is cookin' up.

christocolus2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Besides QB and SO, i am also looking forward to Kinect Sports rivals, P.Spark and D4.

Nice list though.Chris Charla is definitly doing a great job.

malokevi2180d ago

"new indie developers" are just Xbox fanboys.

DeathOfTheFanBoy2180d ago

To be honest, I am NOT interested in indie titles, I didn't spend over £400 to play games I already play on my mobile phone, I payed £400+ to play AAA titles, and by God do we have them on XB1.

infectedaztec2180d ago

Warhorse studios are there.....can you play Deliverance Kingdom Come on your phone?

Silly gameAr2180d ago

No, I think the actual X1 owners are going to troll this article because they've been sh**ing on indie games for a while. Maybe because there was strong indie support on the PS4?

Maybe now they will magically love indie games now. Hmmm, will have to see if a few opinions change.

nukeitall2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

No, you got it wrong.

X1 owners like me just didn't want indy games to be used as padded for poor launch line up, nor to pad the future line up.

It is always nice to have more "QUALITY" options, but we want games like Titanfalls, Quantum Break, Gears of War, and so on!

Silly gameAr2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )


You're like a throwback to the PS3/360 era when people where talking about how the PS3 didn't have any games and you know how that turns out. The games come and then you guys are quiet for the rest of the gen. The same thing will happen again I'm guessing. :/

And, no you guys were trashing indie games. Don't try to deny that now please.

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Blaze9292180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Sweet list. Looks like Microsoft is just picking up more and more steam lately. From a brutal reveal, they've done an exceptional job since last E3. And in such short time!

Can't wait to see what else they do throughout the course of Xbox One. That list is massive, and "people" talking about XB1 gonna get WiiU lvl support - ha! Tin foil hat wearers.

Ska? The Dishwasher 3 please! More epic than ever

mcstorm2180d ago

I agree. Things are looking up for the xbox one and the Wiiu too at the moment. I cant wait for this years E3 as I think its going to be a big one for all 3. Im loving my xbox one and WiiU at the moment and I don't see that stopping any time soon.

Volkama2180d ago

The Behemoth stood out to me. I don't know what their next game will be, but I already know I'm buying it.

HacSawJimThugin2180d ago

I'm with you on that....Dishwasher 3 plz!!!!

2cents2180d ago


that's gonna translate into lotta games.

I just hope they bring the xbla format back, where every game has a demo.

Volkama2180d ago

That's one big XBox One article filling the screen at the top of that article.

It's not as embarrassing as some of the picture links that appear above the comments on N4G though. Strange anime underwear shots every day, what the hell is that all about? :|

rdgneoz32180d ago

If you have Firefox, get NoScript and you can block pretty much all the adds.

Volkama2180d ago

Most of them are links to N4G articles though, so I wouldn't expect them to be blocked? Maybe they are, I'll give it a go :)

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