The Point - Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One?

Gamespot "A new Titanfall bundle and a price drop in the UK. Danny wonders whether now is the time to buy an Xbox One, or if should you should save your cash for later in the year."

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Excalibur2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I'll buy and Xbox one when

1. They have a Kinect-less system.

2. They drop the price to $399 (or less) because they dropped the Kinect.

3. They have a 1 TB HDD

Do that and I'm on board.

kingdip902188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I agree with you.

The video is also 100% true with the xbox ones future line up moetly being available on other systems (360,pc, ps4 and 4) there is very little reason to own an xbox one unless your excited for kinect sports heroes and kinect stuff.

so it's more expensive and it's software is available to other formats... There is going to need to be some drastic changes to inspire a sense of worth equal to $500.

Yi-Long2188d ago

Even at $400 it will be a tough sell, considering the PS4 is more powerful, and Sony has proven themselves to be much more in sync with my needs as a GAMER.

In short, Sony has kept a focus on GAMES and gaming, while MS dropped that focus 4 years ago, and decided it wanted to 'conquer the living room', focussing on dashboard-apps (behind a pay-wall) and Kinect. As well as wayyy too much DLC-milking in their major franchises (Forza, Gears, Halo, etc)

Nope, MS needs to do a huge U-turn and go back to the point where I felt they were doing as much as possible to keep me happy as a gamer, instead of nickel-and-diming me every step of the way for a few quick easy bucks.

I loved my original Xbox and I still love my 360, but right now I have no intention whatsoever to purchase an XBO, not even if it was priced at 300 bucks or whatever.

It's not about price for me. It's about gaming, without the feeling someone is constantly trying to pick your pocket, or watching/controlling your every move.

Alexander1Nevermind2188d ago

The Titan Fall bundle will not get me to buy an Xbox. As fun a game that it is, it looks to be best on PC. Couple that with my concerns for the lifespan of their "Entertainment Hub" and its PS4/PC combo for me.

darthv722188d ago

I can see them adding a 1tb hdd and dropping the price to $399 but kinect is staying in the package.

just suck it up and #dealwithit.

O/ buy when you feel there are appealing games to justify the purchase. Anyone who just blindly buys into a platform without having something to entertain them is not very smart. Lets all be individuals and not the next gen 'tickle me elmo' crazed consumers.

Google it if you dont know.

Bercilak2188d ago

That's okay. I own a 360 now but I understand that there's a pretty good next-gen gaming console made by some company called Somy or Stony, or something like that. . .I may pick up one of those instead.

; )

CYCLEGAMER2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago ) guys are really missing out!!!

You are going to miss out on great games either way. The way I see it, the only way to ensure that you get the best gaming experience is to eventually purchase both systems. By only choosing a ps4, you will miss out on Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct (update) another Halo, etc...the same can be said for Sony's single player blockbusters infamous and the order. GET BOTH!

EEXXXAAACTLY!! These type of people will not purchase an xb1 until it has degraded itself to peasant status, then and only then will they throw their coin at it, hell they may even buy it second hand to ensure MS does not get any money from them, thats how emotional some of these people are over these

QuickdrawMcgraw2188d ago

The time to buy one would be about 5 or so years into the Xbox1's life cycle....Just to be safe that MS actually produces the exclusive games they have been talking about...Given MS track recorded on supporting their consoles...

maniacmayhem2188d ago

What's even funnier is they want the Xbox One to be the PS4.

I love how these guys want Nintendo and MS to drop a key piece of hardware or function that separates them from all the others.


That might be the silliest thing I have heard all day, congratulations! No seriously congrats!

Right...I think it is because they don't want the others to have ANY sort of edge. I personally do not want two or three of basically the same consoles on the market. I like the fact that each console is different to give us options on what fits us and our households the best.

kewlkat0072188d ago

You can tell the guys that will never own an Xbox mention of the GAMES, just other ramblings and demands that are no where in sight...

Even if the price drops to $399 they would still want it at $299 because of Kinect addition. Let's be real, your never getting an Xbox One.

iistuii2188d ago

Agree with the statement about those guys who won't ever get one. I have been with Xbox from the original through to the 360, but this time I went for the PS4. I will definitely get an an X1, but I'd personally like one without the Kinect. It's just not for me & there's never going to be a time I want to use it. Don't get me wrong I had a go on a Kinect game on my 360 waving my arms around like a fool, but that's when I decided I didn't want one & now they release a console & they have forced it on people. I'm so tempted for Titanfall. If gears came out tomorrow I'd buckle, but until that day I'll await the Kinect-less version which will come out some day I'm sure.

H0RSE2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

So dropping the Kinect is so absolutely mandatory for you, that even if they lowered the price, it has to be because they dropped the Kinect, so a $399 system with a 1TB HDD that still also includes Kinect, simply won't do...

The amount of hate/disdain people like you show towards a peripheral for a console system whose use is optional, is so mind boggling, you'd think we were talking about gay marriage in the bible belt... The ironic thing is, you likely haven't even used the new Kinect with the X1, so your extreme reluctance to even try it, seems to be solidified in ignorance.

Sounds to me that you intentionally set a list of demands that you know will never be met, at least in full, so you never have to actually act on your words, knowing full well that you never had any intent on ever owning an X1.

iistuii2188d ago

I've used the new Kinect. I think it's pointless. I tried it with Fifa 14 & it could hardly understand my voice as kinect is on the tv right on top of the speakers so it gets confused so easily. The only useful thing I've seen from it was when I showed the code for Fifa 14 to the camera instead of writing in the long code., now that was cool & worked well. But I'm never going to play a Kinect only game, tried them, hate them, so why should I be forced to purchase it. It should have stayed optional. The console would & should be £100 cheaper without it. I will get an X1 especially when they release Gears. But even if the price is greatly reduced I still wouldn't want Kinect.,

H0RSE2188d ago

"I tried it with Fifa 14 & it could hardly understand my voice as kinect is on the tv right on top of the speakers so it gets confused so easily."

- That would be what we call "human error."

In addition, your entire counter argument is based around using the device in one game....

"But I'm never going to play a Kinect only game, tried them, hate them, so why should I be forced to purchase it."

- That is more of a problem with Kinect only games, not the Kinect itself. In addition, being "forced" to purchase a Kinect is not the same as being forced to use it, which you aren't.

iistuii2188d ago

Dude it's not human error. Kinect goes either on or under the tv. The speakers are right next to it whatever tv you have. It clearly has trouble understanding what you say. I tried it with Skyrim on the 360, it had the same problem. I've had plenty of use with Kinect, I have an X1 in my house, it's not mine, but it's here for me to use. My gamer tag is IISTUII, you can clearly see I've played every X1 game that's been released.
You say your not forced to use it, which is correct, so if I'm not forced to use it & I don't want it & have no use for it why should I have to pay for it..because you are paying for it as it's in the package.
I'm xbox mad, I've been on xbox for years, I'm not one to slag them off ever, but Kinect just isn't needed.

H0RSE2188d ago

"You say your not forced to use it, which is correct, so if I'm not forced to use it & I don't want it & have no use for it why should I have to pay for it..because you are paying for it as it's in the package."

- This is how cable TV works, and many people have it. When you pay for a cable package, it includes a set number of channels, and regardless if you want them all, watch them all, or even like them all, they are part of the package and you pay for them - This is how packaged deals work, and that is what the X1 and the Kinect are - a packaged deal.

Now if you don't want it,. that's cool, but don't sit here and complain like so many others about how you shouldn't be forced into getting a Kinect - it isn't about what you should or shouldn't have to do, it's about how it is. I should be able to pick which channels I want in my cable package, but I can't, so I deal with the reality presented to me - either pay for it or don't, and that's where at it now - Either buy the xbox and deal with, or don't. It's really that simple.

Despite all the channels I don't care for, I pay for my cable package because it has channels I wanted, but this mindset doesn't seem to carry over with the "anti-kinect" crowd. They aren't willing to just "deal with it," just to get an xbox, which tells me they don't really want an xbox in the first place.

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Retroman2188d ago

would NOT buy X1 if HALO 5 AND TITANFALL came as a bundle for 150.00

ps4 greatness awaits.

forcefullpower2188d ago

We do not need dick heads like you supporting playstation

Retroman2188d ago


did not join N4G for your approval go back to your mommy basement an suck on it.

everyone entitle to personal opinion

VforVideogames2188d ago

But then you when and got a ps4 and the eyetoy and its only 500gb for the same price ... fanboys.......go figure......

joebloggs19712188d ago

It‘s not called an eyetoy, that was on the PS2. i just saw a GFX card in PC world which is the Xbone‘s equivalent spec wise for 60 quid.Lofl. What a joke

Excalibur2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Actually right now I don't have either of the Next Gen machines so...

Yes, Dropping Kinect is absolutely necessary for me as I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I DON'T WANT! and I don't want a company (any company) mandating that if I one of their systems I have to pay extra for a
peripheral , especially when they said it would work perfectly fine without it.
I really don't see how that is so hard to understand.
No matter what the price is they are still making me pay for something I don't want, period.

As far as them no ever making a Kinectless, 1tb HDD system in line with the PS4 pricing? mark my words, it will happen.
Do presume to know me because you don't, I could pull out my wallet and buy 5 Xbox Ones right now if i wanted to, I stand on my principles that I will not do business with any company that tries to force me to buy something I don't want.

mmc-0072188d ago

we can choose to buy it. Most of the people use the camera for twitch streaming which the xbox one can't do atm.

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kingdip902188d ago

People will be hopeful for a price drop in other regions (US) and may hold off buying an xbox one for titanfall until a drop happens.

So no now isn't the time to buy one. If people do wait for a price drop then sales will remain poor enough to force microsoft to make a US price drop.

If I were waiting to buy an xbox one I wouldn't do it when I can sense the possibility of a state side price drop in the air in thr next few months, titanfall would wait for me.

Excalibur2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I agree, People will justify getting one (Titian Fall Edition) because in their minds they are getting a price drop because of the free game and that's ok, it's your money do what you want with it.

I personally have little interest in Titian Fall as I'm not really all that into MP and if I did get an itch to play it I'd just play it on the 360 with the rest of my friends that didn't get an Xbox One.

Also (right now, for me) there are no exclusives drawing me into wanting one.
Sure I'd play Ryse and DR3 but they aren't the draws that make me want to run out and spend $500.00 or even $400.00.
Not only that but most everything that will be coming out on the Xbox One will be out on the 360 so I can wait.

Look how many versions of the 360 there were, never say never.

I'd pay the same price for a bigger HDD

TimeSkipLuffy2188d ago

1. 299€ (max)
2. support for external HDs for games
3. cool high quality SP exclusive games

choujij2188d ago

It would need to be Kinect-less and $50 bucks cheaper than PS4.

WeAreLegion2188d ago

I will buy an Xbox One when Microsoft offers a formal apology and we get more games. Quantum Break is the only game I absolutely must play. I would like Crackdown 3, but Ruffian just plain sucks. So, I don't expect much. Crackdown was so good!

Blaze9292188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

lol @ apology. That's what's wrong with some of "you gamers". Get your nerd feelings out of this - what do they need to apologize for? Did they spit in your coffee personally?

They, the guy down the street, TVONE, Fox, my pet dog, all couldn't care less about YOUR feelings.

come_bom2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Seriously dude, just grow up. You behaving like a little brat.

As for me, purchasing a PS4 next month with Infamous, and probably getting a X1 by the end of the year. Titanfall, I'll play on the PC.

E3 will be interesting this year.

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