WoW gamers DO get the girls

There's a widespread false belief that gamers have difficulty getting girls. A good gamer doesn't have much time for personal needs like keeping good hygiene and appearance. As for new outfits - they come last. A good gamer is dedicated to the game and has no time to waste on dates.

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HelenBaby2188d ago

Seems like most of the guys I fall for have met their most significant partners to date through MMORPGs (Ok, so that only happened to be twice... makes me think I need to get me a PC, internet connection and subsciprtion to FF14 though)...

Axonometri2188d ago

Meet someone the old fashioned way. The internet does things to people, horrible things.
Seriously, after multiple relationships sprouting from internet meetings and seeing what can result, I would rather live the rest of my life at peace and content.

insomnium22187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

If I were a single internet is exactly the place where I would get myself a woman. That way I can scratch my balls all I want while talking and getting to know her. Face to face not so much (in the beginning atleast). It's much easier to talk more openly through internet.

Septic2187d ago

Lol yeah the internet is hardly the place to look for a soul mate in my opinion unless you get lucky. Been watching that Catfish program on MTV (shame on me I know) and damn, that is so embarassing to watch lol.

If only gamer chicks looked like this:


Then that's a WHOLE different story lol

VanDamme2187d ago

@insomnium2 Homeboy, just scratch your balls on the date. Most girls dig that... I've even had them ask for a pube to floss with after the dinner.

rainslacker2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I've dated a couple people I met online. One I actively looked for a date, at the suggestion of a friend, and it was about as shallow as they came. The other was a friend I knew for years online and we eventually hooked up, and that went pretty well, but didn't work out in the end. We're still friends though.

I can say that I've had more bad relationships with people I've met with people offline than I have online, as people are usually not themselves when you first meet them either way.

How you meet someone doesn't matter. What you do after meeting them is what's important.

However, in the case of MMO's, there are quite a few female players. The ones that don't go around shouting they're female are probably the ones worth being friends with, as they aren't looking for attention. In my experience, some of the best raiders I've ever seen were typically female.

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ATi_Elite2187d ago

So many HOT Girls play Wow!!!!!

But Hot Girls who play Guild Wars 2 are SO MUCH BETTER!

Guwapo772188d ago

Helenbaby - do your thang pumpkin. I met my wife via internet. Old fashion way just doesn't cut it sometimes.

DCfan2188d ago

Never thought girls play like this.

Eonjay2188d ago

I wondwr what makes people think girls dont play games.

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The story is too old to be commented.