Why Loyal Xbox Fans Are Furious Over The Pricedrop And Titanfall Edition Xbox One

If you purchased your Xbox ONE on day one, chances are you were excited. However, there weren’t that many games to launch on day one, so you were pretty much stuck with a limited choice similar to the PS4. The day one fans were happy with Microsoft until the Titanfall Edition Xbox ONE was unveiled, until now. Why? Because it comes with the most anticipated game for the Xbox ONE and 30 days of Xbox Live for the same price of the original Xbox. Also, because the Xbox ONE received a price drop in the UK.

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Applejack2187d ago

Although it sucks that day one Xbox owners don't get to have this special bundle, most of them that I hear aren't too upset over this. This is what could happen when you're an early adopter and everyone knows that it comes with its fair share of risks. But, in my opinion, Microsoft should compensate its fans with something since this was so sudden.

curtis922187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

You don't buy a console at launch just to see the price drop THREE MONTHS LATER. That is a bit insulting. You expect a drop after the first year but that sets a horrible precedence by doing a price drop 3 months in.

And I'm not talking about the people who bought an xb1, I'm talking about the people who didn't. This only encourages those idiots who preach that people shouldn't buy launch systems... without understanding that early adopters are vital to the success of a system. People don't get it...

@Naga I'd have them listen to what gamers want out right from the start instead of developing a console for their investors to jer.... marvel at. But in this case I'd say drop the Kinect. That would at least provide a price cut without it being SUCH a slap in the face. Sticking with it is proving nothing other than them being stubborn and again not listening to what gamers want.

Naga2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

@ curtis92

What would you have them do? Just stick to their guns with the current price while Sony walked away with the next-gen trophy?

You have to do what you have to do. Arguably, if they didn't make this move, there might not be a next generation of early adopters for them to worry about.

But consider also the fact that it's a limited price drop in a particular region which was getting bent over by the pricing system to begin with. It's not a global price drop, and it's particularly focused.

But more to the point of the article... I don't know a single "loyal Xbox fan" that is "furious" about this... let alone even upset. It's just cool beans for everyone else. The author is trying to generate drama where there really isn't much to be found.

ThanatosDMC2187d ago

Agreed. They owe XB1 owners $100. I hope they get credited in their account.

Yi-Long2187d ago

TBH, XBO owners should be a little less short-sighted and egotistical in this.

Yeah, of course it sucks that you paid 500 bucks for a console and within a few months, price drops and a better-value bundle becomes available.

Yet you need to realise that sales were disappointing for the XBO compared to the PS4, and if you own an XBO it is important that many others pick up the same console you did, so 3rd party developers will keep being interested in developing for the system, as well as having lots of people online to play with.

Also, a little bit of common sense isn't that much to ask. Everyone already knew beforehand that the PS4 is a much better deal to most gamers, so it was going to be much popular, and TBH, MS should have realised this all much sooner and changed their price from the beginning, but gamers themselves also should have realised that they were buying a system that was NOT as popular, and thus was bound to get a price-drop sooner or later...

Personally, I'm not sure this price-drop/bundle is enough to convince many gamers to jump from a potential PS4 purchase to an XBO purchase, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

And customers also have a personal responsibility. If you bought an XBO for 500 bucks because you felt it was worth the money, then that was your decision. Common sense could have told you it would probably be worth it to wait a bit...

Volkama2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Wait, so dropping the price by £30 and changing the free game is a bit insulting but your superior plan would be to drop Kinect? Knock £100 off the price, while also devaluing the equipment the early adopters have?

Your plan needs more thought.

Mikethejew2187d ago

actually i'd be more upset if they dropped kinect that fast. That tells me they have no clue what they are doing and that my kinect is useless after that. Also I'm not sure who would buy a lower spec console for the same price as the ps4, the only thing that makes xbox different is the kinect.

However, I will never again buy any system at launch for full price. The precident has been lowered. Nintendo did it in 6 months but at least gave something to early adopters. Xbox does it in 3 months and so far crickets on what they will do for early adopters. Next time it will be 1 month, thanks but I've learned.

thehitman2187d ago

I feel anyone who bought the xb1 to this point cant complain. With all the twists and turns MS has done and especially producing an overpriced product with a glorified camera that they didnt see something like this coming. If your truly upset about the price drop and you own a xb1 then all I can say is tough luck. There is a saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. MS fooled you guys like 3x already lol.

Septic2187d ago

Gamers today are such spoilt brats. You got Forza or Fifa for free Day one but that wasn't enough. A FREE game wasn't enough at launch. Now people are shedding tears due to a price cut...for an electronic item...

I bought mine day one; I'm happy for those that can now buy it at a cheaper price.

Clearly early adopters need to control themselves better and understand the risks involved in being one and this goes for any piece of electronic equipment you buy early on.

NewMonday2187d ago Show
Charybdis2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I don't believe that because of the UK price drop the whole world is offended or that because xbox one is cheaper consumers are or should now switching be switching over to another console.

But I can see why xbox one owners should be mad even if they don't care. In the end they might get some free stuff. Therefore it might be for the better if xb1 owners would be furious over the price drop.

Profit wise a uk drop doesn't mean the x1 is now selling at a loss. Because of the exchange rate of the pound/dollar has been steadily increasing over the last year to about 1,65 .

JhawkFootball062187d ago

How or why would early adopters be upset? This is a limited time bundle. And within bundles you get deals. So the early adopters wish that they waited till March or upset that Titanfall wasn't released November when they bought it? They have no argument. This is Microsoft presenting a good deal for anyone interested in the Xbox One and Titanfall. Way to spin it off like it's a bad thing.

darthv722187d ago

Ironically it isnt xbox owners getting upset. Its others who are upset at MS responding so quickly to low sales and trying something that has been done by other companies before. Nintendo did it with the 3DS and Sony did it with the PS3.

Both of those situations had price reductions within the first year on the market and the end result was an increase in sales for both platforms. You can't fault MS for trying to achieve the same thing.

Now what many could be upset over is that this is in one territory instead of world wide like the other two companies did. Lets just say they are testing the waters to see if any fish will bite.

Ittoryu2187d ago

You guys are talking like it was a price drop across the board it only happened in one territory Europe that's because PS4 is killing them in Europe.

Boody-Bandit2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Not furious. More like slightly discouraged or disgruntled but this is par the course for MS and those that purchased an X1 (most likely) were 360 consumers and know what they're about. It would've been nice to get TF for free but oh well that's the breaks.

But a couple things to clear the air.

Those of you that are saying it's only Sony fans trolling that have a problem with this really need to stifle it and grow the F up. That is such a tired @zz card that all fanboys play from all sides. Gamers should be allowed to voice displeasure without a bunch of nitwits crying foul.

Complacency is what would come out of this industry if we all just went along to get along with what these manufacturers, publishers and developers pull on us from time to time.

A pack-in of the first signature game this early on and a price cut ONLY where they are struggling most is a kick in the back side to their loyal fans that jumped on out of the gate.

It's like saying since the consumers in North America are buying are console at rates we are pleased with we like to say, "kiss my @zz and keep on buying them." Although in North America we would prefer a higher per month sale rate so here is a pack-in game. Those of you in the UK that are snubbing your nose at our console? Hey here's a price cut and a pack-in of our first new highly anticipated exclusive."

Over the years MS has had average customer service (I'm being kind) and poor PR that don't treat their consumers very well and are extremely misleading with their advertising.

This is one of the biggest reasons I haven't put money out for any expensive peripherals like a fight stick and TX 458 wheel. I'm just going to coast with the stardard setup and see how the next year or 2 play out because to be honest this whole they are thinking of selling the XBOX division has me nervous. There are just way too many articles covering this and MS is not dismissing it out right.

I'm not ranting. Just clearing the air.
And no, gamers aren't acting as if they're entitled. They are just frustrated with those of you that don't mind paying for every little piece meal DLC or paying to play online that some of you have over the past several years. Now look at where we are. We are paying for shoes, gloves, hats, caps, or a mask for a fighting game to customize are characters. It is a tad bit over the top. Again, I'm being kind.

Personally I almost never purchase DLC and wish I didn't have to shell out for PS+ and XBL but I have for both since their inception because these consoles aren't the same experience without them.

You want to take it all in stride? Fine.
Just don't give those of us that don't want to play along to get along grief because we value our dollar a little more than you.

raWfodog2187d ago

"You don't buy a console at launch just to see the price drop THREE MONTHS LATER. That is a bit insulting. You expect a drop after the first year but that sets a horrible precedence by doing a price drop 3 months in."

Wrong. You do a price drop whenever you need to in order to get your product moving the way you want it to. It's not as if MS was planning this price drop from the start, it was obviously necessary from a business standpoint in order for them to stay competitive in a region that they need. What would have been good, from a customer service standpoint, would be to offer something to the early adopters in order to appease their 'outrage' over not getting what they wanted. But moving forward, hopefully, early adopters learn that there are risks to be the first ones. Better prices and deals always come along down the road, some sooner than later.

DragonKnight2187d ago

@Septic: I direct you to this video.

This explains why gamers aren't spoiled brats.

Gozer2187d ago Show
DragonKnight2187d ago

How the hell is my first comment immature?

That's what Nintendo did, and Microsoft did tell Xbox One fans "we thank you for your support" and left it at that.

What, because I said "foo" at the end it's immature?

Geez, some people have too much time on their hands.

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ramiuk12187d ago

the problem i would have is its less than 3 motnhs since launch.
i price cut this early is insulting to early adopters.,

only way would bne to offer titanfall download code to all people who preordered?

user95970822187d ago

Exactly. Most of us knew what we were getting into when we bought our consoles day one. I know I'm not upset at all about the new bundle. Biased journalists are just speaking for everyone else and trying to turn a good hing that everybody has been asking for into a bad thing!
It's just like when Microsoft back peddled on the drm system like everyone wanted them to do and people shifted stances from "you guys are greedy, controlling a-holes" to "you're weak and spineless for not staying with your original plan that we hated and wanted you to change".

Unfortunately, there's just no winning right now if your name rhymes with Jicrosoft.

Blaze9292187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I'd honestly love to see these furious Xbox One fans. What do they do surveys? All from the UK? Lol whatever you all say.

I've yet to see any of my Xbox one friends even MENTION them knowing about a price drop yet alone being screwed over by one.

If you spent £430 and are bummed about £30, you probably didn't have the funds to begin with.

serratos272187d ago

This is an assumption, but most complaints I've read over this regional price drop seems to be from non-Xbox owners. They just rant and rave about Microsoft, even disregarding the fact that its regional and for a limited time, yet most people who admit to buying an XB1 at launch say they don't mind at all. I think there's so much heat for Microsoft and people use any chance they get to attack even further.

BLuTheSecond2187d ago

Too bad. They should have had the common sense to know that the price was going to drop quickly considering all the flak MS has been getting since they announced the system.

malokevi2187d ago

As a loyal Xbox fan, I am beside myself the rage over these latest happenings!




Nobody I've spoken to cares. Rational people knows what it means to be an early adopter. What sort of sane, rational, honest buys a piece of technology, and then gets all knicker-twisty when the price drops?

Why, that's an excellent question, kevin! The obvious answer being "none". Once again, something meaningless being blown out of proportion by the usual suspects.


I bought my Xbox One for 500 bucks. That was the asking price, that's what I payed. I was never under the mistaken impression that the price would remain stable, and I never had any expectations as to how long the price would remain stable. This whole thing is pretty lawlz, if you ask me.

But then, nobody asked me.... right?

raWfodog2187d ago

Yours is a rational, level-headed, logical response and reaction. But I can also 'understand' why someone would be upset at the UK price drop or the Titanfall bundle if they just RECENTLY purchased their XB1, like a week before the announcment. But then again, life is not fair and a responsible consumer needs to understand that its the perils of consumerism.

mcarsehat2187d ago

They're idiots that's why they're upset. Is it me or is the term "gamer" starting to mean sulky child that isn't happy unless they get their own way?

If you want one early and can't wait, like a child can't wait, then get one. but expect them to make a cheaper bundle down the road.

come_bom2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

"Why Loyal Xbox Fans Are Furious Over The Pricedrop And Titanfall Edition Xbox One"

The way I've been reading, It looks like Sony fanboys are more pissed then Xbox fanboys, specially here at N4G. I don't see many early X1 adopters complaining.

How many times have I bought a game at full price, and 3-4 weeks later it's almost half the price. Am i going to complain ? ... Who gives a crap.

Early adopters have to understand (and most of them understand it) that sooner or later any product is going to decrease in price... so move on. These articles are becoming stupid.

n4rc2187d ago

Lol.. The last laptop I bought dropped $100 a week after I bought it.. The dealership I bought my car had a way better promotion a couple months later etc..

This is a fact of life.. Worrying about the UK getting a price drop or a game getting bundled is just silly.. Knew it was going to happen

QuickdrawMcgraw2187d ago

And you can get the $100 back on your laptop if you go back to the store and complain...Same as you could with the Xbox1....Oh wait...

n4rc2187d ago

Ya I could.. But don't because its not that big a deal..

Its how it goes..

avengers19782187d ago

I have yet to see people on this site, that are loyal Xbox gamers. Are day one buyers of the XB1. Be angry about this, most simply don't care. And seem happy with there purchase

Gamer19822187d ago

MS are not helping themselves with this there basically saying people were right NOT to buy there console and wait for the bundle.. Why don't you not buy this bundle and wait for an even better one?? I mean obviously people not buying the console making it drop so keep it up and get it super cheap!

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TrueJerseyDevil2187d ago

They shouldn't be mad because this stuff happens all the time, maybe not 3 months after launch but happen. I am fine with it because I am trading my PS4 for a Xbox One and have to spend nothing so it doesn't matter to me

Volkama2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I suspect if they actually asked some early adopters for their opinions on this price drop the more common answers would be:
"don't really care"
"good, other people I know might buy it now".

Very few of them are mad. In the UK (where the price drop is) people that bought a launch day console got FIFA or Forza with the console. Who gets mad about £30?

I've not seen anyone complain, besides the odd Playstation fan pretending to be outraged on other people's behalf (yes Curtis92, we see what you're doing).

gobluesamg2187d ago

Wow that's probably the first time that trade has ever occurred.

WeAreLegion2187d ago

You're trading in a PS4 for an XBO less than a month before inFamous: Second Son comes out?

I don't buy it.

TrueJerseyDevil2187d ago


I am i promise. I am not a fan of InFamous anyway. Most of my friends bout Xbox's and I was going to buy both but lost my job a week before the PS4 came out and I had already paid it off so I was stuck with the PS4. I haven't even played since a month after release nothing I want to play, and nothing I am looking forward to is Uncharted and that will come out next year so I will buy it when games I want come out for it

Kryptix2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

TrueJerseyDevil + 2d ago | Trolling | hide | Replies(7)
PlayStation will always be the console for "Casuals" or people who mostly play single player games.


If he said that every "Playstation" is for casuals or single player games in a bad way, like he's not into that then why did he buy one if he knew what to expect? Some people are just full of shit and it's funny to see that he's also lying to himself by making that promise.

n4rc2187d ago

So he's not allowed to have an opinion?

Just because he feels its for casuals and single player games doesnt mean he couldnt have bought one anyways.

Maybe he is lying, its the internet.. But nothing he said proves he is

Kryptix2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )


Who buys a console and complains about it even though knowing what to expect from previous generations? He didn't say "Playstation 4" specifically, he said "Playstation" like the whole brand is catered for those people he mentioned. He knew what he was getting into even though what he said isn't even true since you have plenty of multiplayer games. CoD, Battlefield 4, the coming Destiny, The Division and many more.

Sounds like a secret agenda, plus there's a few comments in his history with "I have a PS4, but I wish I bought an Xbox One." That was a long time ago, and he's still mentioning it now. And he will keep mentioning it till more people catches his lie just like any other troll. And last time he mentioned it, "he was a fan of Uncharted" but now, he's a fan of Infamous, next time, he's a fan of (other Playstation franschise) just to make himself more believable. Sorry, but his comment history is against him.

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GW2122187d ago

Haha, dude, just stop. Look at your comment history. It's obvious you don't have and never will have a PS4. You're an Xbox guy. It's cool, no need to hide it or pretend that you're flipping from PS4 to XB1 for dramatic purposes.

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Eonjay2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

I wouldn't be furious but it sucks if you bought the console for titanfall... and then the bundle shows up for less... obviously. Microsoft should just give them a credit or a free game.

lovelobster2187d ago

Why i'm going to be mad, we have the best Lounch Line up ever!!

Budobear2187d ago

Whats a lounch?
Sounds like a fruit or something.

(I'm sorry, I normally try not to be the spelling/grammar/typing police (as mine isn't great) but it made me giggle)

FlunkinMonkey2187d ago

I haven't seen many, if any Xbone fans furious to be honest.. But everyone goes on about 'all console prices drop'... Not in 3 months!!!

Like Eon said above, a gesture from MS to their early adopters of some sort is appropriate.

Ketzicorn2187d ago

Theres been some but I think most are probably self entitled kids, I bought one Day 1 and later sold but will be buying the Titanfall bundle and I know I don't feel entitled to get something free, as I knew especially with game systems price dtops and bundles are going to happen as their sales and market goes.

fonger082187d ago

Exactly, none of my xbox friends care. They and the majority of the xbox/titanfall fans knew a bundle was going to happen. They didn't expect the game to be free, but they don't care.