What Microsoft Must Do In Order to Slow Down The Runaway Success of The PS4

Examiner "I will do my best to make this not sound like a doom and gloom article because under most circumstances Microsoft would be very happy with the sales numbers for the Xbox One. When you factor in that the system does not sell well in Asia and Europe compared to what Sony does with their system the numbers are impressive for the market share that it sells in."

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TheLyonKing2189d ago

getting in the way of an avalanche thats gaining momentum is foolish you can't slow it down but let it run its course.

Best thing MS can do is stay away from it and try and do its own thing.

Crazyglues2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

I was just about to say the same thing.

--> Trying to stop PS4 now is like trying to put a tree branch on the train track of a Freight Train going 80mph with no brakes... -LoL (good Luck with that)

-Please bubble me up because Xbox fans are going to attack my bubbles just for just stating the obvious-

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Hatsune-Miku2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

The only thing Microsoft can do to slow Ps4s momentum is to sell the xbox one for half the price of a ps4 but also package the xbox one in ps4 packaging boxes. The xbox one is as big as the ps4 packaging box so it might not work.

Most smart gamers want the best value and best gaming system which is the ps4 so the only chance Microsoft has at the moment is to trick people into buying the xbox one

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

Why o why2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

for me, a lot of the damage was done last gen. Microsoft played for half the game in my opinion. That skimming the hurdle minimalistic approach to appeasing it's customers. Yes they brought unique, exclusive experiences but with all the revenue people bragged they had, you woulda thought they would produce or commission more of the consoles lifeblood. Their over reliance on 3rd parties Whas apparent and there for all to see. They dropped support for 2 consoles straight for differing circumstances but the result was the same. You'd pretty much have to upgrade to play something new.

It's not just their bodged plans with the x1 that turned people away. It was a combo of that plus their ethos plus the price and performance of their direct competitor. On top of that there was no headstart. All of ms's advantages were gone.

Sony played their cards right. Their missteps were outweighed by their competitors ones and they're reaping the rewards. It's will take more than system sellers like titan fall to stop the selling system.

darthv722189d ago

The issue isnt really about slowing the progress of the competition. its more about increasing the sales of their product. They dont need to make this a "instead of" situation but more of an "in addition to".

Meaning they can market the unit as a companion piece like many gamers are familiar with having multiple platforms because each one has varying games of appeal.

Personally i have never been a one sided gamer in any generation. i know there are going to be games i cant play any other way than by having the hardware to play them. That is just a fundamental understanding that gamers know.

now many cant have multiple systems mainly due to the high cost incurred with ownership. But that doesnt mean it lasts forever. there comes a point where the means are justified and people do go out and get a secondary or tertiary platform because the price is right and the appealing games are available.

MS must not lose focus on making the XB1 platform the best they can make it. Work on getting those appealing games that arent on other platforms. Set the pricing to a degree that is reasonable to the general consumer. continue to expand on their service that is the backbone of the platform.

I say this is the same thing that all platform companies need to follow. Dont worry so much about the other guy but just concentrate on your own. Without a good foundation of internal support then how can they develop the relationships to provide the same or better support from 3rd parties.

Sometimes you can have a really good platform and still fail. Dreamcast is a good example of Sega doing their best to make that platform a success, and in most respects it still is. But things change, perceptions change and when that happens there is no turning back. Thats why you have to nip it in the bud before it gets too far out of hand.

press-start2189d ago

-Please bubble me up because Xbox fans are going to attack my bubbles just for just stating the obvious-

lol you get a bubble just for making me laugh.

Crazyglues2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

@ press-start

- I try... LoL

thank you kind sir, and here is a bubble for you too just for being so cool...

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NeoTribe2189d ago

What they need to do is accept defeat and learn how to make a "GAME" console next time.

Saithraphim2189d ago

You're absolutely right, they should avoid any kind of head to head confrontation and focus on making new games and getting more information out on exclusives that are announced and in progress (like halo). Personally, I don't believe for a second the xb1 will become more desirable than the ps4 to the majority

chrissx2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Ps4s like a speeding train. Ms can stay in the tracks at their own risk or step aside and let it zoom pass. Its too late for ms now to slow Ps4s momentum. Since the reveals too late.

gamer20132189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

PS4 is all hype - fact. All MS needs to do is continue to out-pace Sony with exclusives. Yeah Sony has more first party studios - BUT THEY COST MONEY TO MAKE! Something we all know Sony doesn't have. Keep embracing those indies guys because it's going to be Xbox 360 deja vu for you!

Majin-vegeta2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Kinda sad when a console that supposedly only has indies is outselling another console who has exclusives. Lol nice logic there man

OT:M$ can try all they want but it wont slow down the PS4.

Hicken2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Keep trolling.

Sony's been "out of money" for years now, and yet they were still able to afford R&D for two brand new devices, and have still been putting out exclusives left and right.

What's Microsoft's excuse for the barren wasteland that is the 360? Weren't they supposed to be supporting it still? What good is all that money- that isn't just going to be lavished on the Xbox division- if they're not gonna use it to make games? Hell, even now, they're buying up other people's games, rather than making their own.

Sony's got a hundred odd in-house games coming to PS4. All their big, money-burning(money-making) studios are in the lab, cooking up one or more titles. Yet, somehow, you think there won't be any games coming to the new console?

Seems more likely the ones who will experience "Xbox 360 deja vu" are the ones thinking Microsoft has really changed and won't do to the XB1 what they did to the 360.

Edit: lol, what truth? That Microsoft has Titanfall for this year and nothing else with a release date? That one of the big games they're relying on is a remake from two generations ago? Yeah, that really hurts.

Oh, maybe you mean that the PS4 has nothing coming... except The Order, and inFamous, and Drive Club, and Lily Bergamo, and The Show, and Deep Down, likely even Guilty Gear? Planetside 2, and Helldivers, and Natural Doctrine, and Yakuza, and Mercenary Kings, and FFXIV, and Dynasty Warriors 8?

Yup, PS4 owners will be hurting with all those exclusives to play...

gamer20132189d ago

Truth really hurts eh? Whether MS created the studio or just bought exclusive rights to the IP, it doesn't matter! MS has the exclusives this time around so splitting hairs about it is stupid. Exclusives are exclusives.

Sony has shit coming and you know it. That's why you people are hating so damn hard on the X1. S-O-N-Y H-A-S N-O M-O-N-E-Y! It doesn't matter how many in-house studios they have it costs money to make games - duh! EMBRACE YOU'RE INDIES BOY!

Yeah MS changed. But insecure fanboys won't except the truth. Phil Spencer made it quite clear when he announced that MS were spending $1 billion on game creation for the X1; but I know that somehow you'll try to spin that.

Why o why2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

This guy really is gullible isn't he. Ms always frontloads my friend. They love to band numbers and figures about to get you girls wet. Show and prove... until, hold tight on those games you've not played yet because having exclusives is one thing, having game of the year contenders and winners year after year throughout a whole gen, not just at the start, is a different kettle mate.

Shout out to your max headroom avatar by the way ;)

maniacmayhem2189d ago

"Seems more likely the ones who will experience "Xbox 360 deja vu" are the ones thinking Microsoft has really changed and won't do to the XB1 what they did to the 360."

Well by your logic then the X1 will experience a wealth of games to play for the first 5 years before it dips off right? And if the same logic is applied to PS4 then it won't have anything to play for a few years either as the PS3 had a huge drought of games when it was first released. But you have already proven that wrong.

Love the backwards applied logic that you have Hicken. It must be handy when spouting off delusional rants as you mostly do on this site.

"Weren't they supposed to be supporting it still?"

Where's Sony's big 1st party exclusives for the PS3? I know The Show is releasing for the PS3 but what else from their 1st party?

Not even a dig either, I really want to know.

maniacmayhem2189d ago


So anything?

I know you were quiet when I asked you what "isn't" nice in the Twitch article. But this question of what big first party titles from Sony are coming to the PS3 should be a no brainer for you.

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MysticStrummer2189d ago

"PS4 is all hype - fact."

The fact is that PS4 is more powerful, easier to work with, cheaper, has fewer features hidden behind a paywall, is more popular with consumers, and has the Playstation history of top notch exclusives behind it.

"All MS needs to do is continue to out-pace Sony with exclusives."

Continue? That already stopped. Sony has more games in the pipeline than MS does, and has the more awarded devs in their stable. MS's console history says they start strong and then fade, if not completely drop support. They're just fading faster this gen than they have in the past.

"it's going to be Xbox 360 deja vu for you!"

As I said… start strong and then fade. Good luck with that.

Saithraphim2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Just remember what happened last Gen...Sony showed up a year late with a console that costed more and still held its own. They are 100% for gamers, they have proven this time and time they have a beast of a machine and more support from the gaming community than its had since the PS1 and PS2 days...there presence alone is reason to get excited. Generally, gamers should be celebrating because this generation will give the best games in the history of gaming

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urwifeminder2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

I don't hear much about ps4 that is not sales based on this site I thought there would be more game hype from the faithful , am sure I will get new pm with lists of sales and review histories again MS seem to be really on the ball.

MysticStrummer2189d ago

Why post the same list that shows PS4 having many more games coming than XB1? You guys just ignore it and repeat the same FUD in the next article's comments.

Meltic2189d ago

The game i actually enjoyed on Xbox one is dead Rising 3 and ryse. So far its good.

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