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Tin Salamunic: I made the transition to PC gaming little less than two years ago. Don't get me wrong, I still game on my consoles and love them to death, but with the recent PS4 and Xbox ONE releases, there's just very little to get excited about...the future of those platforms looks rather sad. PC gaming has become absurdly cheap (both hardware and software) and the quality and longevity (ehm...mods) of PC games is already lightyears ahead of consoles. Having said that, I still have an affinity for gamepads. Sure, my precision with the mouse and keyboard is undeniably better, but it's the comfort of sitting back on the couch and having full control in the palm of my hands that still excites me about gamepads.

And I know I'm not alone. I know plenty of gamers who refuse to buy PC games if they don't offer gamepad support and I can definitely sympathize. Well, for everyone who's been wanting a middle ground between gaming with a keyboard & mouse and a traditional gamepad, there's a fantastic new option recently launched on Kickstarter that has the potential to change the way we game on our PCs.

Sinister: The Immersive and Modular Multi-Platform gamepad is a remarkable invention that will allow gamers to tweak their gameplay experience with unprecedented flexibility. We had a chance to talk to Chris Zhao-Holland, president and founder of KustomTek Conceptions Inc., about this revolutionary project and how it will impact PC gaming.

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