Xbox One Could See Sales Rocket When Titanfall Is Released Next Month

With its price slashed and one of the biggest games of the year due for release, will this be enough to put the Xbox One back on top?

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Hatsune-Miku2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

There are A lot of prayers and hope behind Titanfall to garner a lot of sales for xbox one. I don't think Titanfall will bring a lot of sales people are hoping for to xbox one but overall I think the game itself will do well on all the platforms it's released on

kingdip902181d ago

During this console war I have heard a lot about how resolutions and graphics don't matter and that gameplay is king in the fight between ps4 and xbox one in resolutiongate.

My point is that since fans of the xbox brand have made it so clear that graphics don't matter then the choice is simple for them: get titanfall on xbox 360 and save 500 bucks.

Seriously the xbox 360 has like an 80 million+ user base, people looking at titanfall likely already have a system this should be a no brained for peeps.

Graphics don't matter, Gameplay does. Why get an xbox one at all?

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BillJr1062180d ago

Why do the Sony fanboys hope that Xbox One doesn't have increased sales? What are you afraid of? Haven't you learned yet that if there isn't competition, things stagnate, or get monopolistic. I hope Xbox One has a great month, and I hope the PS4 keeps moving along at the pace it's been selling. Could be great for the console gaming world...

lolCHILLbro2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

@kingdip, Yes but one factor, those 80 million 360 owners arent all hardcore, all they will see is TITANFALL being marketed for Xbox One and not 360, with the bundle, the price drops and the pro Xbox One marketing i think you would have to be a fool to think it wont move Xbox Ones, its the highest preordered game even over INFAMOUS SS, so with those numbers it seems that TITIANFALL will sell more Xbox Ones than INFAMOUS will sell PS4s

So much downplaying of TITANFALL on this site, it will be a big game and sell Xbox`s just like infamous on PS4, stop all the insecurity now jeez cowards

4Sh0w2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Regardless I don't see alot of xbox fans swearing this game is the be all and end all of gaming or that it's X1's savior. Average gamers and xbox fans yes are rightfully excited for a new FPS doing something different with great gameplay but it's THE MEDIA looking for hits writing sensational headlines and then every insecure sonyfanboy coming to Titanfall threads to tell us why "its not that great"= More Hype.

mediate-this2180d ago

With that logic why not stay with the ps3 or ps2, despite what you think, the x1 is a capable machine it's weaker then the ps4 but not by a crazy amount, ps4 or x1 can not play high fidelity graphics at max resolution, why is bf4 not 1080p on ps4? Ps4 has troubles out putting high graphics at max res. please dont name bs indie games that dont push hardware.

People get a x1 for upgraded games, you're whole statement is asinine.

badz1492180d ago

is the price cut worldwide or just UK?

Why o why2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

4show. I think it's a bit of both. Media and fans. Logical reasoning would have me think Titanfall would increase sales but being the saviour, I'm not sure. I'm hoping ms do not just rely on this and continue to cook up more killer titles. They will have to fight with games this gen. All other advantages have shifted to their competitor. Wounded animals are most often at their most dangerous... Just look at how Sony reacted from last gens battle. Ms will have to react quicker and they can't change the hardware but I'm interested to see how they fare.

avengers19782180d ago

@badz149. I believe the "price drop" is only in the UK. Though I believe a TitanFall bundle(with digital copy of the game)is world wide. And really it's not a price drop in the UK it's more like they are making the XB1 more similar in price to the US. I believe if you look at the conversion rate the XB1 in the UK was like 700(USD)

Giul_Xainx2180d ago

What I find funny is all last gen the xbox fans used the resolution a lot in their arguments. They also used graphics over gameplay. Funny seeing how the PS4 has the graphics and the gameplay this gen. I love watching them eat their own words.

EITHER WAY I wish Titanfall the best because.... they are definitely going to need it right now. I hope it sells more than 5 millions copies because hey.... the xbox could really use that right about now.

diehardmetallicafan2180d ago

titanfall is on pc also. the patient ones will pirate for sure!

Father__Merrin2180d ago

well said, there is no possible meaningful reply they can give, from another perspective titanfall actually dishes out ownage to them!!!

as you said if they clamor on about its not about graphics then just get 360 version!!!!

nukeitall2180d ago

what i find funny is that only fangirls and no real xbox fan partaking in this discussion. just mostly sony fangirls hopingntheir prediction is right.

gamers just want great games and it looks like xbox is delivering since launch.

pyramidshead2180d ago

hahaha, amazing comment holy hell!

Quite a lot of truth and reason in it too. My brother has an old 360 I could use to play titanfall actually but my net is too crappy for online games. Still wouldn't need to drop 500boys on a bone.

4Sh0w2180d ago

Why o Why, I see what you mean but NO its not both sure there's always a few crazies swearing "this game" is the megaton that will change gaming but by far looking around most xbox fans are following Titanfall for every drop of news because again they are excited, yet 90% of the positive comments are grounded in that it's going to be a great game based on the beta, its going to sell very well based on popularity of fps, which means X1 should have a sales spike. I don't see any comments from xbox fans who have a few bubbles and tend to make logical comments saying Titanfall is the savior or going change either consoles fortunes over night. Again its just headlines looking for hits making such claims.

DevilishSix2179d ago

I dont have an X1 but I have 360, unless the 360 version is garbage I am not even considering an X1 to play it.

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Chanogram2181d ago

Prayers? I don't think they are that desperate. Regardless of how well the PS4 is selling, the X1 is still doing OK. PS4 is just selling great.

With that said, I'm sure MS is hoping this game pushes some consoles. That's not really a "foreign" concept though as manufactures of conoles always hope that flagship titles push hardware sales.

ArchangelMike2181d ago

Titanfall wiss sell, and will sell well. It just won't be enough to balance the sales differential between the PS4 and the XbOne.

BillJr1062180d ago

Are you a market analyst?

UncleGermrod2180d ago

ha, i love this guy...i see that fuzzy little baby and i already know our amateur analyst is here to set things straight

sincitysir12180d ago

@billy why r u getting so hung up ob what other ppl say? Ppl here make up like 5% of total console users and im being generous. Just go with the flow bud. Our consoles will live!

malokevi2180d ago

Probably not, but I dont think it matters. It would just be nice to see more gamers hop on board with next gen, regardless of what console they choose to go with. I think Titanfall will incentivize the switch, as plenty of shooter junkys will undoubtedly be interested in having the best console version they can get their hands on. To say that Titanfall wont spur XB1 sales to some degree is naïve.

FlunkinMonkey2180d ago

Mike stated an opinion, you know... what this site is about? It's a pretty level headed opinion at that.. Do you both really think Titanfall is going to balance sales?

karl2180d ago

the hole idea of titanfall saving thexbox is jsut laughable ...

i cant believe anyone can believe that is posible by a single game...

karl2180d ago

u dont have to be a market analyst to realize titanfall wont save the xbox.. its just one game

it doesnt matter how good it is..

the same goes for all games, a great lineup its a different story but MS doesnt have that

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sincitysir12180d ago

I just find it disingenous to the dev that most ppl think its xbox one exclusive. I mean more power to xbox but still, this game would be more successful if it didnt only seem like it was just for xbox one

mediate-this2180d ago

It's a microsoft exclusive, you need a 360 a computer with windows or a x1, ever hear of games for windows? I hear countless sony guys mention exclusives like planetside2 or dc universe for being ps3 or ps4 exclusive but there also on p.c.

lsujester2180d ago

I think he's talking about advertising, about how MS has been touting this almost entirely as an X1 game and not mentioning the 360 and PC versions. Saying it wouldn't be fair to Respawn if less people bought it because they thought it was X1 only and they still have 360s.

sincitysir12180d ago

Wow @isujester u said it better than i did but thats exactly what i meant! I want respawn to be successful is all.

SonofGod2180d ago

Hatsune I think there is something you forgot to add.. something future future something or whatever

frostypants2180d ago

The problem for MS here is two fold:
1) The availability of the title on the 360 will cost them some would-be One many is hard to guess though
2) Since this is a new IP, few people outside of hardcore gamers will have much awareness of it, so the impact on sales will be largely locked out from mainstream gamers.

HaveAsandwich2180d ago

it'll increase sales, but it's no ps4 killer.

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The Meerkat2181d ago

Manchester United COULD win the league this year.

TheSaint2180d ago

I COULD fly to the moon this year, about as much chance of that as United winning anything this season.

badz1492180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

to be fair, they won the Community Shield. so...are you at the moon yet?

DanielGearSolid2181d ago

The thing about it is... All those Xbox sitting on the shelves arent the Titanfall Bundle, soooo it might make ppl hold out until the bundle is available again

mhunterjr2181d ago

Maybe, but a lot of retailers are creating their own titanfall bundles, so as they aren't left without a chance to capitalize...

2cents2181d ago

Its gonna sell consoles, no brainer.
It's the most anticipated fps since the announcement. Also delaying the xbox 360 version by two weeks is genius as the impatient gamers among us may not be able to hold out and will probably convince themselves that they should just get the xbox one for it.

I'm not such a hardcore online fps fan but titanfall has excited me enough to jump back in.

march 11 is gonna be FUN!!! Well... As long as the servers work as intended AND more importantly, my digital download doesn't take forever and a day before I can start playing.

Boody-Bandit2180d ago

Delaying the 360 version is genius? So now it's genius to screw over your core base to try and get them to switch to the next gen. Gotta love it. What would be genius is if MS actually gave a damn about ALL of their user base and didn't pull stunts like this.

ThatOneGuyThere2180d ago

I think nintendo is doing that too by cutting off wii and ds network..

Chris122180d ago

Screw over their user base by having to wait 2 weeks. Are you serious?

Does that mean Sony screwed over their user base by delaying. Driveclub and not launching in their home country until months after release? Of course not.

Talk about over reaction.

Boody-Bandit2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Chris what you wrote literally makes no sense at all.

Drive Club was never and will never be touted as the game to reinvent the wheel / revolutionize the genre. Nor is it being hyped through the roof by all of the media and it's fan base. Drive Club isn't being made for the PS3. It's strictly a PS4 exclusive game. So comparing the two games is one of the most ridiculous comparisons I think I've seen anyone make on this site in really long time and that in itself is sad considering how much over reaching that is done here on a daily. Talk about an over reach action.

Yes it is MS sticking it their over 80+ million strong user base by delaying the game for the 360. Just like they're sticking it to the 3.5 million(?) consumers that already purchased an XBOX ONE (me being one of them) by now including TitanFall.

Them delaying TF on the 360 is an incentive to go after a small percentage of impulsive gamers not wanting to wait those 2 weeks and thinking about jumping into the new generation. They have done this several times in the past with PC games that were also on their hardware. A couple PC games were cancelled that MS owned the rights on to entice PC gamers to join the console gaming world. Hell I was one of those guys that switch from PC gaming mainstream to becoming an MS gamer when XBL went live (so to speak). That's when a lot of my PC gaming friends jumped on board the XBL train.

Now don't get me wrong. It's a great move by MS. My only gripe is these tactics by them are tiring to those like me that have been through a lot with them over the past decade plus and it would be nice if they actually through their tried and true consumer base a significant bone every once in a while. Can you remember the last time they ever did? I can't.

christocolus2181d ago

It will definitly move a lot of consoles thats for sure.

ThatOneGuyThere2180d ago

no idea who would disagree with this sound assessment. critics generally love this game and are giving it tons of praise. it was the most talked about game last E3. youd have to be a complete moron to think this isnt going to move a lot of consoles. Its highly unlikely it will completely close the gap, i dont even think there are that many xb1's available on shelves to do that. But it will definitely help MS.

christocolus2180d ago

I agree. It may not close the gap but it will definitly help sell a lot of xbx ones.

frostypants2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Because it was an opinion, not an assessment.

For it to move "a lot" of consoles, it needs mass awareness. Given that this is a new IP, that awareness is limited mainly to hardcore gamers. This along with the fact that it is available on 2 other platforms means it won't push the hardware sales it would if it were a true platform exclusive for a known IP. There will be a small uptick but it's not going to be like the holidays or anything.