'Imagine paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump higher' - cynical shareholder proves Iwata right

Dealspwn writes: "As the ever-expanding mobile and tablet market continues to gain ground, Nintendo's reluctance to embrace the scene in any meaningful way has drawn fire from pundits and stockholders alike. One of their American shareholders has now penned an open letter urging the company to focus on mobile gaming and in-app purchases to fill their coffers.

And, in doing so, arguably proves that Iwata's stubbornness is a blessing in disguise."

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Concertoine2185d ago

If you ask me theres no reason why they shouldnt put the first 3 mario bros games on there. Thats a goldmine and no one's buying the 3ds/wii u to play 30 year old games anyway. Theyre just a nice add-on.

Blues Cowboy2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

That kinda makes sense to me on a very basic level, but considering that the 2DS costs between £69-£99, and the (awesome) XL isn't much dearer, I'd rather play on a dedicated platform with physical inputs.

A MOGA controller etc could work well, though. But isn't it nice to see a company that sees a blatant cheap way of gouging some extra money and says "actually, no, we're better than that"?

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo could make some cracking mobile games if they wanted to. Perhaps they should. But their games are so great because they're specifically designed for their specific platform, not crunched down to fit IMO.

Concertoine2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Exactly, nintendo would want the superior version on their platform. If you had to make the choice, the one on 3ds all the way. The controls and miiverse features, etc. will sell the console version. I doubt mario would even play well with touch controls but with millions of people getting gameboy and gba emulators its clear they dont care how it controls.
For all those that don't wanna spend that much money the one on mobile will suffice. Make millions off a mere port, advertise wii u and 3ds between levels. Not sure why people are against it, its that money that could increase the development on wii u and 3ds games. .

Summons752185d ago

Except phones aren't made for games and if you look at any ported game that was built with a controller in mind it's awful and messy. This will be just the same.

Concertoine2185d ago

So? That hasnt stopped inumerable mario clones and nes, gba, and other emulators on phones from stealing potential sales from nintendo.
Just because none of US would buy it because we can get a superior version on a console doesnt mean those that dont want a 3ds or wii u wont buy this as a time waster. Judging the quality of the game is irrelevant, it'll be the last version of the game you want no matter how it controls, and to a lot of people a couple bucks is all theyre willing to pay to play a classic on the go.

mydyingparadiselost2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I would say instead of porting already existing games they need to make phone specific titles with their franchises and maybe even test new IP characters. A Mario runner game could be amazing, a gyroscope controlled Starfox shooter, maybe even Cut the Pikmin....
Anyway, charge a couple of dollars for a cheap to make, fun to play experience that draws people towards your full title releases. Have the mobile title second as the companion apps for your main releases (buy MarioU and use the coins from your phone game for lives, etc.) and the money makes itself.

wonderfulmonkeyman2185d ago

Putting Mario on mobile platforms devalues the brand name.
It will allow people to start thinking "Hey, it's just a pathetic Mobile game now, they should just go full mobile and leave consoles altogether."
It's an in-road to letting people think that they can convince Nintendo that they don't belong in the races anymore, which is just not true.

If we're going to start putting first-party-exclusive characters onto mobile platforms, it should be an industry-wide movement or not one at all.
That includes Master Chief, Sack Boy, and anyone else that the others try to use to draw people to their systems.
But since that's not going to happen, and for obviously good reasons, Nintendo should not do it either.

Concertoine2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Its funny you should bring those two characters up because there was Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone and tablet last year and the PS All Stars Island promotional iOS game just a few months ago. No one complained knowing the money would go to PS4 and PSV development. Sonic's been on mobile too, both a widely successful port of sonic 1 and mobile exclusive games.
They dont need to produce new content on mobile, i doubt anyone would judge if they put an old-as-dirt mario game on there to help promote their future endeavors AND produce decent money that would help fund their console game production. But hey, guess that's just me.

jcnba282185d ago

Nintendo don't put their games on mobile because they have standards.

3-4-52185d ago

Nintendo should just make specific ios app games IF they were ever to do it.

Nintendo games belong on Nintendo consoles & Handhelds.

wonderfulmonkeyman2185d ago

There's a difference; neither Spartan Assault or the PSAS Island game are anywhere near the same as putting a main-line title in a well known and much bigger series on a dinky little phone.

Those two wouldn't devalue their host brands; putting the first Mario on phones most definitely would, because it would get people thinking that later Mario games that are being developed for Wii U and 3DS would be better off turning into dumbed down mobile experiences instead.

Devaluing the brand is not the way to go for Nintendo.
The others don't go that far, so neither should Nintendo.

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mshope102185d ago

moblie gaming is ruining gaming!that is the truth!soon we will pay for every little part of our games!each level,character,items,etc!

Pozzle2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

What makes it even worse is that classic games are being ported to mobiles now, but with added in-game purchases that prevent you from playing the game as it is originally intended. So even classic games are being butchered so that greedy companies can make more and more and more money. :(

It's sad that these sort of companies don't even pretend to care whether or not their customers are happy with the product. They just want any excuse to wring more money out of people. :(

Blues Cowboy2185d ago

The sad thing is that it doesn't have to be this way. I've played loads of great games on my iPad and Android fablet, but over the last two years, they've been harder and harder to find in the sea of utter **** that keeps pouring onto the marketplaces.

But my 3DS has barely left my hands, except for when Danganronpa, Ys: MoC and other cracking Vita games launched!

TheOmniGamer2185d ago

BRB finding rope to hang myself with.

worldwidegaming2185d ago

Smartphones cost way more than some consoles!
Console gaming, hell PC gaming is cheaper in the long run.
Smart phones need to be upgraded every 1yr and a half to stay relevant. They break easily,loaded with more DRM than you can imagine and no physical controls...

il-JumperMT2185d ago

Sorry but there are mobile games that are not pay to win. Example is Bard's Tale for 79 Euro cent. You get full game which is same as ps2 version.

Blues Cowboy2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

You're not wrong. There are loads of great mobile games out there - not just ports, but games that are specifically designed to work perfectly on smartphone and tablet touchscreens with their own control schemes and innovative ideas. Not to mention pricing that lets us choose exactly what bits of the game we want!

At least, that's the dream... but right now mobile gaming is in an odd place IMO, and is stagnating in terms of finding the hidden gems within the flood of poorly-designed bilge - which currently makes the 3DS or Vita a much more attractive proposition for dedicated handheld gamers.

As you say, there are hundreds of great mobile games out there, and there's nowhere to go but up, but it's not quite there yet - at least for me. For now, Nintendo might be better off steering clear, or focusing on apps such as the Pokedex iOS.

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