The Xbox One is losing the war but Titanfall is a weapon of mass seduction

Into every generation, a chosen one is born. It alone must stand against the PS4s, the Wii Us, and the PC Steam Sales. It is the killer app. And you've got to hand it to Microsoft – it's throwing absolutely everything it's got behind Titanfall, Xbox's killer app of this generation and the multiplayer-only FPS predicted to be a genuine contender to Call of Duty's crown.

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corvusmd2185d ago

It's not a war, it's consumerism, but yes Titanfall is an amazing title that any gamer should be excited about (unless they have no interest in FPSs). Just my opinion, but picking sides in a "console war" is short-sighted and naive...and will only comeback to bite gamers if they actively try to destroy any gaming company. Keeping the competition up is the best way for gamers to profit...

Bathyj2184d ago

I have an interest in FPS's, just not multiplayer.
The game does look fun though, love the mechanics.

Anthotis2184d ago

Except, the Xbone isn't a requirement to play Titanfall.

dantesparda2184d ago

"The Xbox One is losing the war but Titanfall is a weapon of mass seduction"

No, its not, its just another mediocre FPS, with below mediocre specs

NegativeCreep4272184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Titanfall appears to be a well-than-competent shooter, but unfortunately I think the standard it has been given by Microsoft and its fanboy base will ultimately be it's downfall; with the amount of hype it has BEEN GIVEN (and not really earned) it will be considered a dud. At least in the sense of the "Be-End-of-All-Other-FPSs " status that it has been given my certain gaming media outlets.

Maml072184d ago

this game is the first key only... the master key to success is halo and gears of war

pakua2184d ago

Halo maybe but Gears of War is pretty much dead.

Maml072184d ago

gears of war judgmnent is really bad, vut gow 1/2/3 is amazing... i dont think that they will release the omega weapon GOW like that easily as gowj
just wait and you will se how gears will become on x1

dantesparda2184d ago


Right, if you say so.

madpuppy2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Most likely not...

Titanfall may very well be a "good"game,
possibly a "great" game. (I doubt it) But, to think that it will push Xbone sales past what Sony is enjoying right now with the PS4 is far-fetched to say the least, especially that it is not a true exclusive, anybody with a competent PC will be able to play is as well.

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Keith Olbermann2184d ago

Why pick sides in a football or basketball game? You want your favorite team to win right? Team xbox. Team Sony. Team Nintendo.
I know we all want to unite and play nice but its just like any other competition my friend.

Pogmathoin2184d ago

Keith, so far you have all disagrees because you did not say Xbox sucks. The fact is, here there is probably many who have a set bedtime from mammy, and play the big evil overlord here when they have a chance.... I want all to win btw..... To not is just plain stupid. Heres an agree and bubble.

IcarusOne2184d ago

I'm team awesome games. That's what I root for. Whatever system they're on.

jgrigs092184d ago

Unlike football or any sports. They don't lose their jobs if they lose the game. If PS4 wiped out the xbox one. People would be out of job. Sorry, but you can't compare a game to a job.

jgrigs092184d ago

What...... I seriously got 5 disagrees...... I didn't say anything negative or positive...

Kingthrash3602184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

nfl's other meaning is "not for long"
meaning if you dont win you will not last long in the league. ask tim tebow. hek even if you team wins but you didnt help you could lose your job...ask drew bledso...if you get hurt and are one of the best you can lose your job ..ask peyton manning....just sayin, thats prolly why...i think.

styferion2183d ago

no, sorry, I pay money to enjoy games, not to be someone's supporter.
I don't choose side because I support the company, it's because they have the games I like.. and that means I don't have to throw stones at their competition every other chance.

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bobtheimpaler2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

No. Gamers are just voting with their wallets. Doesn't matter who the company is. That's the way the free market works. Consumers and developers will gravitate to the platform that is most compelling on its own merits.

Doesn't matter if its Sony or Microsoft. Xbox doesn't have to do well for the industry to be healthy. There are a plethora of platforms for people to game on.

Is the mobile phone industry in danger because Nokia and black berry are irrelevant?

You're talking about Microsoft here. They're the most anti-consumer, anti-competitive company in the computer industry.

Bigpappy2184d ago

"They're the most anti-consumer, anti-competitive company in the computer industry."

That's not true. Apple is far worst and people love the heck out of them. It is just M$ is the big dog. They bought out and squeezed many smaller competitors out of the market. But they have remained on top buy supporting hardware partners and keeping windows OS and Office affordable. They find ways to grow, rather than just upping the price on customers like apple does.

bobtheimpaler2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


Lol. Hence why they're anti competitive. They bought out or just destroyed anybody who got in their way rather than letting their products sell on their own merit. You just agreed with me. They have spread FUD about every competing technology. People only put up with windows cuz they need it for work. Even now there are compatible alternatives to office.

I don't like appke , but it because they charge a lot doesn't change the fact they offer something that people see merit in.

The difference is apple exaggerates whereas microsoft lie.

Where in the last 10-15 years have microsoft made anything worth a damn. Windows and office remain their cash cow and those aren't even perfect. They missed out in mp3 players, smart phones, search engines... everything.

When the XBONE was revealed, I wasn't surprised with the DRM system they had in place and all the other stuff with kinect getting information for marketing firms. Just microsoft being 90's microsoft again.

You don't want to hand these clowns another monopoly.

lolCHILLbro2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

i messaged 100 people on Xbox LIVE on 360 and asked them if they want Titanfall on Xbox One, 46 said yes

cyguration2184d ago

That's very scientific.

Careful, Kotaku might use your poll but may not cite you for it.

Gunstar752184d ago

But how many didn't respond?

ThunderSpark2183d ago

Yup. You just confirmed it. You work for Microsoft.

Illionaire2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

You're right it's not a war, a war would involve competition.

PS4 specs
Single-chip x86 AMD "Jaguar" processor, 8 cores
AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine w/ 1152 shaders
1.84 TeraFLOPS/s
500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive

Xbox One specs
8 Core Microsoft custom CPU
853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU w/ 768 shaders
1.31 TeraFLOPS/s
500 GB Hard Drive

Wii U specs
Tri-Core PowerPC "Espresso" CPU
AMD "Latte" 550 MHz GPU w/ 320 shaders
0.352 TeraFLOPS/s
8GB or 32GB Flash

PS4 5,847,194
XOne 3,544,947
WiiU 5,765,484

The Xbox One is in a "war" with the Wii U.

The PS4 is at "war" with keeping up with demand.

InTheLab2184d ago

Just witnessed a kid and his mom buying an X1. Started to yell nooooo then I realized it's ok if different people like different things.

Despite the specs and numbers, the kid just wanted some Dead Rising.

Illionaire2184d ago

People can buy whatever they want. I've played Dead Rising despite being a technical mess, I can't deny it's a fun game.

BX812184d ago

Wow what a splendid waste of typing

doolin_dalton2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Lower specs and a higher price didn't stop the PS2 from beating the competition, so there's no reason to believe the Xbox One can't catch up once it's heavy hitters arrive.

Sony fans may want to believe this console race is a sprint, but history has proven (over and over) that it's a marathon.

It's amazing how many people have absolutely no knowledge of gaming prior to 2010.

DC7772183d ago

Actually the weakest console usually wins the generation. Price and Gameplay have a lot to do with it.

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Farmassy2184d ago

consumerism is a war... a war for profit by these huge corporations. I enjoy the games and I plan on owning both an xbox1 and ps4. But lets not kid ourselves. Both these companies are out to increase their profits. Some people act like the companies are "for the gamers." thats a lot of BS.

As consumers we should get what we can but don't pretend that a huge corporation is on your side

Godmars2902184d ago

Any gamer into multiplayer. As someone more into dying big budget SP, something like this only interest my mech and sci-fi side.

And actually with the way mechs and warp-tech are being exploited, not too happy with that either.

Docknoss2184d ago

It's obvious you didn't play the Beta Dantesprada... bc it's most definitely not mediocre or average. COD didn't have half the depth this game has and COD was the biggest FPS every year. Not as much depth as BF but it's hard to compete with it's depth. But it's naturally more enjoyable than both BF and COD. Taking down Enemy Titans by wall running and jumping on to them is as Jedi as it comes.

Stapleface2183d ago

If you like challenging competition, then there is no way this game will be more enjoyable than Battlefield. Your playing against 32 real people on Conquest Large. That's 26 more people than your facing in Titanfall. Add the challenge of facing good pilots, and tank drivers.. Yeah I don't see it being more enjoyable, unless you don't like competition and challenge. In which case I'd question why you even play games.

Gamer19822183d ago

Titanfall is also on pc and 360 and lets be honest here if made well enough on 360 we have already seen with MGS there is not much difference between 360 and xbone so why get an xbone for this game??? Just get for your 360 or gaming PC.

kreate2183d ago

If a company is anti-consumer and full of corporate greed. Its better to just kill it off before it gives birth to policies that favors only the corporation.

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RiPPn2184d ago

It might be a WMA if it was exclusive, however being on the 360 and the PC means this WMA is going to land in the ocean.

doolin_dalton2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Downplay it all you want, but the Xbox One version of Titanfall has 6X as many pre-orders as the 360 or PC versions. The PC and 360 versions won't even make a dent in the overall sales of the Xbox One version - they are nothing more than an afterthought in most gamers' minds.

imt5582183d ago

So what if the Xbone has most preorders. Preorders are weak. Game with such marketing pushed by Microsoft and only 300k+ preorders. Not good.

360 version probably will lead sales. The problem is that game on X360 isn't shown yet.

MisterFantastic2184d ago

Holy shit, This Titan Fall news is getting rather annoying. Titan Fall isn't the holy grail of FPS games -___- M$ act like it's the best thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

sAVAge_bEaST2184d ago

Chill , just a weapon of mass "Distraction"

Tedakin2184d ago

Actually everyone does, not just MS. 75 awards at e3 from non MS related outlets. K thx.

2pacalypsenow2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yeah cuz awards for an unreleased games hold a ton of weight Titanfall was in alpha at e3

Those are hype awards

How many awards did BF4 win and COD ghosts win?? those 2 flawless games?

BX812183d ago

You're right they only started to hold weight after the beta. PREPARE FOR TITANFALL!

Eonjay2184d ago

It feeds into the narrative that the Xbox One is in trouble and ONLY this game can save it. It completely ignores the fact that there are other games coming to the system. Sites like IGN create nauseating amounts of "news" articles which are really glorified advertisements. I bet if you go to IGN right now, they probably just posted another Titanfall "story".

cyguration2184d ago

29 mins ago:

You're right.

The Dorito Pope must pay well.

MisterFantastic2184d ago

Ok Tedakin, what ever helps you sleep at night buddy.

Docknoss2184d ago

You're talking to me all wrong... It's the wrong tone. You do it again and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Hey, tell me, does your mother sew? BOOM. Get her to sew that! 

Love the Titan Fall news and they'll be at least two more weeks of it.

Gamer19822183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

MS have a LOT riding on this game if it doesn't sell there consoles through the roof Sony are gonna run off with sales until near Christmas time and that's probably around 10 million difference in consoles by end of year at current rates. They can't afford to fall back by 10 million this early in the console cycle as thats the point where 3rd partys look and go "hmm if I can only make for one console i'm gonna make for PS4 as it has a much larger install base and with current growth rate it makes more sense". Under 10 million isn't substantial enough (though still pretty substantial). They really do have all there eggs in the titanfall basket..

mediate-this2183d ago

Its only fanboys that are saying this the end all be all, all the gamers who played tf know its the real deal, and know it will help genrate xb1 sales, you need a key note game, a first step into this why i bought this system, titanfall will be that first game.

For all the people saying 360 n the xb1 versions will be the same are just shameless pathetic trolls, xb1 is way more powerful then 360 so them looking identical is foolish to say the least.

Ps4 is a tad stronger, i have both not sold on the ps4 hype yet, but i got its forst keynote game in infamous, thats my reason for ps4.

I know they will both be great games, well tf proved its self in the beta, and ill test second son tp see if lives up to its hype as well.

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refocusedman2184d ago

Titanfall may do well but at the end of the day its influence is limited because its a new ips. Titles like call of duty took time to become the juggernaut it is today. With the option of being able to purchase the title one 360 I really see no reason to buy a Xbox 1 to play a title on a console install base of say 4 million opposed to one of 80 million plus.

Maml072184d ago

there is alot of reason to buy x1
more than 7 exclusive games
forza 5
xbox fitness

not only for titanfall
vetter than a console that obly have 2 exusive games and 5 arcade

pakua2184d ago

Not sure if you're trolling there. Xbox One has the best exclusives so far but Zumba? WTF

cell9892184d ago

really? Zumba? lmao!!!

Letthewookiewin2184d ago

None of those games are what I want and none of them are very good.

madjedi2184d ago

Out of that list only ryse and dr3 are remotely appealing, so i really have to disagree about the best exclusives bit.

MysticStrummer2183d ago

Am I reading that wrong or did you actually list Titanfall as an XB1 exclusive…?

Back-to-Back2183d ago

Lol he listed Zumba.

The desperation is strong with this one.

dodgefate2183d ago

Crap, I have to buy a XboxOne to play titanfall?
Oh wait, I have it pre-ordered for PC. /SMILE

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