ZTGD | Strider Review

Jae Lee writes: When I heard that there was a new Strider game in the works, I thought to myself, “That guy from Marvel vs Capcom is getting his own game?”

That about sums up how much or rather, how little, I knew about Strider as a character. It was only after I decided to review the new title that I did a bit of research and learned that Strider has quite the history.

Starting back in 1989, Strider was a hit in the arcades, and since then, it has seen a myriad of titles released on a number of different platforms.

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hankmoody2182d ago

My advice to anyone playing this or planning to, is to set the difficulty on Hard immediately. It's not ridiculously insane but it feels just right.

DEEBO2182d ago

How does he get different colors for his suit?I beat it on hard such a good game for 14.99