PlayStation Plus in March: Tomb Raider, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, more (EU)

Chris Howe :

"Hi everyone. We have another huge month coming your way on PlayStation Plus this March so sit back, relax and let us take care of your gaming needs."

Leaving PS Plus on 5th March:
Outlast/Sound Shapes
Metro Last Light
Guacamelee! (Cross Buy)
Dynasty Warriors Next
ModNation Racers Road Trip

Entering PS Plus on 5th March:
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
Tomb Raider
Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD
Smart As

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Matt6662181d ago

Just no, the only good Tomb Raiders, are Tomb Raider 1-3

abzdine2181d ago

i fully agree. but i am still going to try this one to have my own opinion on it.

Ravenheartzero2181d ago

What's wrong with the last revelation and chronicles?

GarrusVakarian2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Not true at all. Ive just finished the Tomb Raider remake on PS4 earlier today and while some people say it isn't up to the last games standards (i think it's better), it's still a very solid, enjoyable game. Environments are great, the gameplay is great (specifically the bow), the story kept me entertained. It's pretty good.

If you have a PS3, PS plus and have yet to play it, i strongly recommend it.

As for the other games on PS plus this month, Dead Nation looks awesome on PS4! I like the interactive aspect while streaming. Can't wait to download that.

Edit: Just saw 'Brothers: A tale of two sons for PS3, awesome! Ive been waiting for this to come to PS plus for ages. Ps plus killing it, yet again.

Irishguy952181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

abzdine - "I fully agree that this isn't good. Though I haven't played it"

That's the type of response you see from most people who don't like the new Tomb Raider. Ironically alot of these people love Uncharted

@ Matt, this Tomb Raider is a superior game than the rest of the franchise. I've played all of them. All. This is the best. It's nothing like the rest of the franchise sure. Still better.

Sevir2181d ago

The Reboot is so much better!!!

Mr Marvel2180d ago

You MUST be joking!

Tomb Raider 1-3 were complete crap.

The latest Tomb Raider is gold, especially on PS4.

Matt6662180d ago

its amazing how many kids get upset when one has a different opinion to them

Jessika_S2180d ago

The last Tomb Raider was amazing, it was a great reboot of the franchise. Playing it on PS4 right now.

XisThatKid2180d ago

hold them dislikes to the chest.

SmielmaN2180d ago

New tomb raider is good. Been playing the ps4 one. Might get the double dipped dead nation update. Just bought dragons crown for $17. Very happy so far with it. Lost a lot of time in it today. Give me my bubbles back! Lol.

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I_am_Batman2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Nice one. My backlog gets bigger and bigger though. I'm actually surprised that Square Enix made that PSPlus deal for Tomb Raider considering they're trying to sell the Definitive Edition for full price.

Anyway I think I'll try Brothers A Tale of Two Sons first.

ravinash2181d ago

That's what I was thinking...unless later on their going to release the PS4 version for PS4 in the not to distant future.
But yeah, that would hurt some sales.

demonddel2180d ago

Like Microsoft Sony open up that checkbook right or that doesn't apply to Sony

asmith23062181d ago

Pixeljunk Monsters is hands down the best game on that list. Pure gaming addiction.

memots2180d ago

yup, i got all the edition of that game lol.

Ps3 + encore - Psp version - Psvita HD - Pc HD .
I think i have a problem lol

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay2181d ago

Hey does anyone want to buy my PS3 Tomb Raider physical disc off me?

madduey2180d ago

I'll do a straight swap with my copy lol

diehardmetallicafan2180d ago

At first i thought it was tomb raider on ps+ for the ps4 and i pooped a little bit...

Rainstorm812180d ago

My main question is are we getting Dead NATION in the US

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CaEsAr-2181d ago

So the rumor were true after all.

rdgneoz32181d ago

Yep, and anyone else notice that Dead Nation while streaming (35 seconds in) viewers will be able to vote on what looks like helping or hindering you? Looks like a fun use of the interact feature.

ZodTheRipper2181d ago

They said that there will be 30 different commands to influence the game while streaming :D

WildArmed2180d ago

lol so much trolling incoming. Gotta limit my stream to friends only... then I'll have a bunch of troll friends trying to get me killed -_-

Rainstorm812180d ago

Best console service since XBL for sure

_FantasmA_2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I think you meant:

Best console service.

XBL isn't a service, its a paywall membership

listenkids2181d ago

Pixeljunk and Brothers the only games I'll give time towards I guess. Another port and a game JUST released on PS4 isn't the best message sent, I guess those who missed it on PS3 without a PS4 will enjoy.

WildArmed2180d ago

Not surprised, next-gen consoles don't have a large retail library. It'll probably be awhile we see retail games, games 8-12+ months old typically end up on PS+, the PS4 isn't even that old yet .

listenkids2180d ago

I get that, and actively mention so on reddit, but there are plentiful indie titles coming which are perfect candidates for plus, not a port of a game given to everyone who had a ps3 during the outage.

Neonridr2180d ago

April I am predicting will be Daylight for PS+ PS4 users. I think the first retail game we will see on PS+ for free for the PS4 users will be Knack.

WildArmed2180d ago


I think Indie titles should be the highlight for awhile. Giving a PS4 version of a game that was given out for free on PS3 isn't exactly the best idea.

XANDEO2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I was about to buy the definitive edition of tomb raider the other day, what odd timing there going to lose sales

tigertron2181d ago

Not unless you want the definitive version.

listenkids2181d ago

But who would, when you can play it sub-par for free.

mike32UK2181d ago

Well, no they won't because they'll get paid by Sony instead...

Edsword2181d ago

Same here, I'm not going to pay $60 for an experience I can have for free. Even if it is slightly better. I am holding out for ISS.