The Order: 1886: We’ll Know More About the PS4 Exclusive’s Groundbreaking Material Tech at GDC

If you're interested to know what's under the hood of the impressive graphical fidelity of the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 you have to wait less than a month, as Ready at Dawn Lead Engine Programme David Neubelt and Art Director Nathan Phail-Liff will host a panel titled "Crafting a Next-Gen Material Pipeline for The Order: 1886" at GDC 2014.

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CrossingEden2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I would like to know more about groundbreaking gameplay.... is that too much to ask from a next gen only exclusive?
There's a reason why Titanfall is more popular and hyped up than this game. And so far, none of what we've seen so far is my opinion of fun.

Abriael2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Does "groundbreaking" gameplay make the game more fun?

Not all games need to be innovative. I'm happy with fun.

I'll leave innovation to those that need it to feel smarter. Also, Titanfall's innovation is very limited.

It's fun. And it's fun not because it's innovative, but because it molds well proven concepts well together.

There's nothing "groundbreaking" about its gameplay.

Fishy Fingers2185d ago

Innovation is highly overrated. I'm happy with evolution and refinement.

pyramidshead2185d ago


But Crossing does have a very very slight point on the whole having to WAIT for gameplay which will probably be E3 now and that's along ways away. But that's the only negative I can see so far. It will be a system seller though, for sure.

Also very apt description of Titanfall there too, well played.

scott1822185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

The Order looks absolutely fantastic, I drool every time I see it. I don't think any game ever should be judged on a 2 minute clip with short moments of gameplay. Still it looks like an absolute joy to play and I can't wait.

Titanfall isn't innovative, it just combines many things from other games and puts them in one. If that is innovative then tons of games are, I would like to think it takes more than that to innovate.


Holly molly. Do you remember the devs talking about how they have advanced hair physics but we didn't see anything of those. Well they gave us a very prompt hint about it. If you look closelly here at 2:11

Notice how the hand of the person turning into a werewolf changing from a human hand to a wolf hand with claws and how the hair grows in real time on his fore-arm. Just wow!

We only have seen a glimpse of teh dvanced physics of this game (only cloth simulation). I think they didn't show A THING about this game and they hiding every strong point for a later reveal.

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pedrof932185d ago

Well The order is months away from released, so yeah people are excited with Titanfall. For me the most awaited game is Ground Zeroes. Even if it is 2 hours long... Hufff

MethCupcakes2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Okay, it's to be officially documented that you are in fact a troll. I wish this site had a system implemented that would give you a time out(Temp IP ban) from this site for you to go a away for a little while after you've reached 1 bubble and constantly get negative bubbles. On your second offense you'd receive a perma-ban.

2185d ago
Bathyj2185d ago

Do you really? Cos I feel like you're just using that as an excuse to troll.

Case in point, Titanfall looks fun, but not groundbreaking at all.

Besides, you know nothing about The Orders gameplay so how can you say its not groundbreaking? From what I've heard the graphics tech allows for material deformation that will directly effect gameplay with degradable cover and opening new paths and puzzle solving.

GW2122185d ago

It's more hyped up and popular because it releases in 2 weeks and it'll be a crushing blow to MS if it isn't a system seller. I will agree with you that nothing that we've seen from Titanfall looks that fun/innovative.

The Order won't release for 8 months or so. It's not a do-or-die IP for Sony.

medman2185d ago

Sure you're right. But a cod mech simulator multiplayer only title featuring 6v6 with bots as dumb as bricks is somehow "groundbreaking". Someone call the paramedics. CrossingEden is stroking out.

elfstruck2185d ago

There is nothing innovative about Titanfall lol

Hicken2185d ago

So exactly what's "groundbreaking" about Titanfall?

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HaveAsandwich2185d ago

why so much talk about cloth and animation. lets see more of the actual game.

desertpunk862185d ago

What can you expect from the god PSP devs...quick time events.

GW2122185d ago

Hahaha. Aww. you're cute.

elfstruck2185d ago

what can u expect from an xbox fan? lol

Hazmat132185d ago

its single player, story driven, 3rd person. I'm sold. I'm sorry but i really hope there are lots of single player games this gen. also I'm a sucker for tech demos!

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