USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/22/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Sales:
PS4 51,066 (+9%) 2,523,980
XOne 36,931 (+19%) 2,228,397
WiiU 19,170 (+12%) 2,276,842

Gen 8 Software Sales
WiiU 200,937 (+82%) 9,676,623
PS4 130,808 (-11%) 5,187,453
XOne 119,867 (+2%) 5,735,290

Top 5 Games:
1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU) Nintendo, Platform 108,845
2. The LEGO Movie Videogame (X360) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Action 58,179
3. Minecraft (X360) Microsoft Game Studios, Adventure 34,078
4. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) Square Enix, Role Playing 31,270
5. The LEGO Movie Videogame (PS3) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Action 29,889

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Neonridr3382d ago

Good to see Donkey Kong moving some units. Great game.

DryBoneKoopa853382d ago

Right there with you! Donkey Kong is a Fantastic game. Every level is amazing! I get so excited for each and every level.

OT: Great to see the Wii U have a good week in sales. PS4 did a great job moving consoles this week as well. Nintendo software sales are through the roof. he attachment rate for the system looks to be really high!

Shnazzyone3381d ago

Shocking that ps4 has exceeded the Wii U american units but Wii U is is clearly the system selling software right now out of the 3. Why aren't 3rd parties developing for wii U when clearly Nintendo gamers like to buy games?

G20WLY3381d ago

The thing is over half of the Wii U software sales are for one first party game (Donkey Kong at 108k), whereas the largest single game sales on PS4 is for a third party game (COD at only 19k).

There's no doubting the quality that Nintendo games usually bring justify these kinds of sales, but the figures do nothing to encourage greater third party support, sadly.

It's a tough situation that only the consumers can change, unless a developer is willing to take a punt.

SilentNegotiator3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Because they only like to buy games MADE by Nintendo (and occasionally SEGA). Third party software usually doesn't do all that well on Nintendo consoles.

Fanboys can keep blaming bad ports, but this isn't a new trend on Nintendo home consoles. Nintendo has continued to give poor support to third party developers and third party developers continue to give them worse support because Nintendo has created a fanbase that only wants Nintendo-made games.

Gamer19823381d ago

The WiiU has the highest software sales as the ps4 and xbone had no new games out.. Sales would have died down from other games.. So to say that's the system selling software is just silly..

Vegamyster3381d ago


Who's going buy a game with framerate drops, missing online components/DLC, comes out later all at full price?

There is only one good port on the Wii-U that comes to mind and that's Need For Speed Most Wanted but it came out 5 months later.

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rarity3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

The PS4 is still at the top in hardware and the wii u has some pretty good software sales.

Eonjay3382d ago

So PS4 wins February. Any predictions for March?

Neonridr3381d ago

hard to say. I will think that the 3DS wins March. Japanese sales will drop significantly over the next few weeks..

abzdine3381d ago

it will trounce in march as well.

badz1493381d ago


dude, didn't you get the memo? by now, everybody knows that USA = WORLD! /s

BitbyDeath3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Supply constraints will make it hard for PS4 to win March NPD imo

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ABizzel13381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

It should be close. The PS4 outsold the XBO, by an average of around 65% for the month of February. Since both consoles are settling in (although PS4's are still limited) it safe to say that the difference in March would be the same if not for TitanFall launching.

Now that the TitanFall bundled has been released with the game for $499 in the US, and a price drop in EU the XBO should post some great numbers.

That being said people are counting out inFAMOUS, and to be honest it's the first real AAA PS Exclusive IMO (Killzone was good, but inFAMOUS seems to be it), and the inFAMOUS bundles are selling out too.

I think the XBO and PS4 will be neck and neck in the US, and XBO might barley outsell PS4 in the US simply because inFAMOUS doesn't come out until the end of the month. But WW the PS4 is still going to win. 5:1 sales in EU isn't being fixed by 1 game and a minor price drop, maybe 3:1 now.

It also depends on what's being shows at GDC, MS is suppose to have a small reveal (most likely indie games, since GDC is dominated by them), meanwhile Sony is suppose to have a big reveal (rumored to be the VR headset and reveals for games that use it). So if Sony has an amazing GDC then that could mean more sales for them as well.

US numbers: Could go either way, I give XBO a slight edge
EU number: Sony's stomping ground still.
JP number: Will PS4 still be the best selling platform or will 3DS reclaim it's title?

Eonjay3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Seems fair and well thought.

I will add some notes:

*I wouldn't give the edge to any system, Titanfall game (separate) has overtaken the Xbox One bundle on Amazon and at GameStop so expect that game to post big numbers, but clearly the majority of purchases are by people who own the console (or course).

*Expect Xbox One sales to basically plummet from not until the 11th as the bundle is preorder and wont count for sales until 3/11.

* Wii U is showing that its still alive and moved the most software of the three.

TheFallenAngel3381d ago

I think ps4 will sell more in march.

pupa3381d ago

Hard to tell for the USA, depends how their consumers see Titanfal and if they believe that Microsoft turned it's ways. The new releases will finally determine the total platform hardware sales and IMHO it will be close with M$ maybe getting at least another peek at the proverbial top. Also it depends IF? M4 will announce a price drop in the USA like the UK with a free TF download to try and move stock as they WILL have to do something drastic and very much sooner than later! Selling millions more than the PS4 I doubt!

LOL maybe Nintendo will have the last laugh for March!

Neonridr3381d ago

no huge releases for Nintendo in March, so I think their sales will taper off. Infamous will drive up PS4 software sales.

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nope1113382d ago

I thought everybody hated LRFFXIII?

Eonjay3382d ago

Don't believe everything you read lol. A lot of sites partake in group think... they determine what games we are supposed to like and which one we are not.

Gamer19823381d ago

Its still selling badly compared to previous FF games..