Aron Cender Praises PS4, The Order: 1886 Lightning, Animation, says "Not Possible On Other Platform"

GP: Ready At Dawn upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title "The Order: 1886" looks stunning and offers almost a cinematic experience. We recently got in touch with Aron Cender, Marketing Manager of Bloober Team to talk about their Playstation 4 exclusive title "Basement Crawl and PS4".

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xReDeMpTiOnx2186d ago

Next gen awaits...... Only on playstation

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Charybdis2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

and pc ;)

Except it (the order) isn't on pc

SIdepocket2186d ago

800p? 30fps? Even the X1 could do better than that...

Nekroo912186d ago

its actually 1920x800p higher than 1620x900p(Ryse) and it suses x4MSAA which takes 10fps from the performance. So No...the xbox cant do better

TomahawkX2186d ago


this is what people don't understand, it is pretty much rendering at 1080p resolution but with the top and bottom being cropped. There is NO SCALING happening to the graphics when watching on a 1080p display.

FlunkinMonkey2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Without a doubt, the dumbest comment of the day.. Bravo, you clever little chap you..

stuna12186d ago

But your logic is flawed! Because so can the PS4. The difference is, the PS4 does it consistently better and, consistently on more occasions than the Xbox1.

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Jovanian 2186d ago

Yeah, no. PS4 can barely handle games at 1080p and 60 fps. If this is what you call next gen, then this is a pitiful indicator of where games will be in the next decade. Stupid movie games that are more QTE than game, that only play at 30 fps and are constantly interrupting gameplay with cutscenes.

ThunderSpark2186d ago

Wow. The delusion in your comment is incredible. Please leave your troll comments out of this forum because even developers are praising this game, yet, you who've never even created a game understand more than they do right?

Is it me or have the XBox One fans become a lot more vocal on n4g with even more delusional statements?

iceman062186d ago

Stupid movie game? More QTE than game? Really!?! You learned a whole lot from a 2 minute trailer!
It was basically a mashup of the various aspects of the game. There will be cutscenes...what game doesn't have them these days. There will be some TPS action with some sort of cover. There will be some sort of QTE's, but we have no idea how often. Above that, the only thing that we DO know is a plot and some technical aspects.
I wouldn't hate on an informed opinion. You are entitled to it by all means. But to decide, based solely on a trailer, is just ridiculous and quite frankly a bit childish.

kingduqc2185d ago

Not possible on other platform. a high end video card today is 3-4 times faster then the one inside ps4. By the time of the order release, probably 4-5. Everything that is done on ps4 can be done with 4 times the res and smoother framerate so when PR bullshit comes and tell us that "It can't be done on X blablabla" stop eating it.

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marcodias2186d ago

1st year game on ps4 will be better than 7th year xbox one games in details, and people still think xbox is better, couldnt even do infamous or the order even if they tried

CharlesSwann2186d ago

If they are pushing the PS4, of course it won't be matched by the bone. Common sense.

Roccetarius2186d ago

Considering the Xbone haven't proven itself yet, i'd say so. That is, if that's the only platform we talk about, and Wii U.

sgtGanGreen2186d ago

HAHA same things x1 developers say. "Not Possible On Other Platforms"

stuna12186d ago

And in all to many cases including their own! At least on the level that they claim.

Volkama2186d ago

He goes one further and speculates on 3 specific things that can't be done (environmental detail, lighting, material physics).

There is no solid basis to his claim, and it's very likely false (the One may not be able to match the complete package, but it can probably handle each one of those things in isolation. It's pretty much the same hardware, just a bit less of it...).

It's just another hyperbolic quote from an indie dev hoping to win some fans.

Hicken2186d ago

In isolation, sure. But that's not what he means and you know it. He means the XB1 wouldn't be able to do the same things at the same quality.

That has been proven rather consistently by multiplats already, and we all know exclusives push hardware further than multiplats do.

The XB1 would not be able to handle the same level of environmental detail, lighting, and material physics at the same graphical output of 1080p/30fps. There's nothing hyperbole about that, as that "just a bit less" of hardware means it can't do as much as the one that has "just a bit more."

Volkama2186d ago

It's completely unsubstantiated, unquantified, unproven, non-committal ("I doubt it's possible). It's speculative at best.

Take nothing away from the game, but the quote is 100% hyperbole.

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