Blooper 'surprised' about Basement Crawl PS4 multiplayer issues, fix and free extra content incoming

Basement Crawl plagued with lobby issues and server lag. Extra content to be offered as compensation.

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lonelyplayer2182d ago

The game is unplayable most of the time. Very frustrating.

curtis922182d ago

From the reviews it sounds like they were surprised they had a game releasing this week

Rockefellow2181d ago

Everything about the game seems completely unprofessional. The team's track record is obviously pretty poor, and I won't criticize the quality of the game itself, but the way they're handling its marketing and release is just sketchy.

I don't feel comfortable handing money over to a developer who delay their game several times, only to have it pop up for sale against previous statements... let alone the ambiguous, hollow answers they provide to interested customers, and the lack of any solid information about the game right up to its launch (hell, the launch post on the PS Blog barely contained any information).

I don't mind buying some games that aren't super-polished or full of countless replayability opportunities, as long as they're fun, but this is just an embarrassment as far as PR goes.

TruthInsider 2181d ago

Never even heard of this game!???

WeAreLegion2181d ago

The art style of the trailers was so incredible! Then, we saw game play. -_-

Who decided it was a good idea to make a bad Bomber Man clone?

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