Otaku Dome: Angry Birds: Star Wars Console Edition Review

Otaku Dome:

The crazy successful mobile title from Rovio is finally making it’s way to consoles, and it’s most recent expansion Angry Birds: Star Wars is no exception to the move. How does playing with a controller compare to playing with your phone via touch?

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Shinobi1002190d ago

I have no idea what Otaku Dome is. But the author of this piece is a dufus who makes a big point out of explaining that the controls actually work on home consoles. As if there is ANY mobile game in the UNIVERSE that wouldn't handle just as good or better with the more diverse control scheme of a d-pad and buttons.

Star Wars is an extremely strong license for me. I'm tempted to pick this up for 3DS. But at the end of the day, what's the point? Angry Birds at its core is just like any other mobile phenom: a pathetically stupid and simple Atari 2600-caliber game with spruced up graphics. Well, that's not exactly a fair comparison. Atari 2600 games actually had some depth

OtakuDome2190d ago

I've played mobile to console ports that are clunky, because they weren't meant for a console port. Which is the point I was trying to make, don't see how that was missed.