The Order 1886 Developer Explains The Game's Stellar Cloth Simulation

Developer explains why the cloth simulation looks so realistic in the game.

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CrossingEden2189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

Less talk about graphics, more talk about gameplay. I paid $400 for new gameplay concepts, not for old gameplay concepts with prettier graphics.
So me wanting new gameplay concepts and less linear games makes no sense? Terrible logic. I'm much more hyped for DS2, Witcher 3, No Man's Sky, Destiny, MGS5, The Division, etc as in games that are way less concerned with taking control away from the player for cutscenes than this game and are more concerned with letting players come up with their own little epic moments by giving us tons of polished gameplay elements and the freedom to play them however we want. All while also introducing innovative concepts that we've never seen before on the scale that they are pushing. That influences my purchasing decisions WAY more than if a mustache has great looking textures. Your response isn't even valid because you basically just say "Nope, you're wrong just because and your post makes no sense and i'm just gonna assume that you don't still own any sixth generation consoles." Btw, I DO still own a sixth generation console.

MethCupcakes2189d ago

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If that were to be true, you'd still have a 6th gen console. I can see now why you have one bubble.

mike32UK2189d ago

Completely right it makes no sense. I really don't understand how much further people are expecting developers to push gameplay. At the end of the day you are still doing the exact same thing, pushing buttons to further the story. Some games work good as open world others work better linear, I for one would HATE a non-linear uncharted, it's what makes the series so good at storytelling.


I don't remember seeing most of those gifs in the gameplay reveal especially 6,7,910 (10 looked like a painting or artwork when it was still loading and wow at those cloth physics not even seen even in pre-rendered movies let alone real time in game in a game). Can you please provide us with the video they were taken from ?


Holly molly. Do you remember the devs talking about how they have advanced hair physics but we didn't see anything of those. Well they gave us a very prompt hint about it. If you look closelly here at 2:11

Notice how the hand of the person turning into a werewolf changing from a human hand to a wolf hand with claws and how the hair grows in real time on his fore-arm. Just wow!

We only have seen a glimpse of teh dvanced physics of this game (only cloth simulation). I think they didn't show A THING about this game and they hiding every strong point for a later reveal.

cyclindk2189d ago

Wait for a Naughty Dog release I guess then...

sigfredod2189d ago

Sell it then and don't complain here

Visiblemarc2189d ago

Innovation is something people are starting to demand from every single title. It's just not possible and not really how innovation works.

Also, notice a connection with budget and innovation? Lower budget titles have a greater tendency to take risks. Why? Less financial risk and generally less "moving parts" to account for.

Xsilver2189d ago

@CrossingEden dude your on every order article saying the same thing smh i guess their is a reason you have one bubble.

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Wni02189d ago

I bought a Vita because I wanted to play Tearaway, and I don't regret it, it has the graphics upgrade I want, but more importantly has gameplay that simply can't be done on the PSP or 3DS.

The first poster is right... Mostly. Not every game needs to have innovative gameplay, but it would be nice to actually hear what the gameplay is like and not how awesome the cloth is. Whats the cover system like? How long is the campaign? Is there areas to explore? What makes the gameplay different from Uncharted or Gears? And call me a debbie downer but I still dont believe thats not gameplay footage just like Infinite wasnt from e3. I guarantee if the framerate is low they will cut back the graphics.

Stop taking things to the extreme. I see this on every damn n4g comment section. Look, I get that you like the PS4 and want to defend every title that comes out on it. But honestly, this game looks pretty bland besides the nice setting/story. Let's wait and see for more details.

serratos272189d ago

When they teased this at E3 I was pretty stoked. As time has passed and all I've heard about are graphics, my interest in the game has staggered. I'd be much more interested if they talked about actual gameplay more or even released more information about the actual story. I'm still not even sure how all the characters will be incorporated into gameplay. Will they all fight alongside you? Are there any options to play as different characters? All I've read about are it's graphics.