Sony Santa Monica's Canceled IP On Track Until Last Week, a Teaser was Being Prepared - Sony Dev

More info are surfacing about the state of readiness of Sony Santa Monica’s new IP led by God of War III Director Stig Asmussen, that has been canceled a couple days ago, causing the loss of several jobs at the prominent first party developer.

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NewMonday2185d ago

remember same thing happened to Ape Escape for the PS3, Mario Galaxy was presented first and it had a similar concept, Sony canceled the game and the franchise never recovered.

as for GOW4, SSM and Sony World Wide Studios should know gamers have had enough of the formula and the setting, they need to re-invent the series and blow our socks off with the new game, this is coming from a big fan who played every GOW game on PS2,PS3 and PSP.

CrossingEden2185d ago

And hopefully they blow our socks off with more than just pretty scripted set pieces and skyboxes. Really started to get tired of pretty skyboxes that add nothing to the game. Exploration is dying compared to "cinematic" games. and it seems that the Witcher 3, Destiny, No Man's Sky, and MGS5 are the only next gen games that are pushing exploration to the next level.

I_am_Batman2185d ago

Exploration isn't dying. I even think we get more open world games than ever before. inFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Thief, Dying Light, Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls Online are some games you didn't list.

I'm glad that we're still getting both linear and open games as both have their own advantages.

Kayant2185d ago


Exactly add The Crew, The division, Sunset Overdrive, Dragon Age: Inquisition to that list. Not even including some PC titles also. Exploration is bigger than ever.

Just leave him it was a clear stealth troll at The Order:1886.

OrangePowerz2185d ago

Not every game needs to be open world. When I played TLoU i was never thinking "I wish that game would be open world".

There is nothing wrong with more linear and focused games. Also as Batman said, we get more open world games now compared to previous years. I prefer more liniar games for story focused games because it distracts less.

MegaRay2185d ago

I want a new ape escape ; (
As much fun knack and puppeteer can be Ape Escape would've 100x more fun

Tontus2185d ago

Gamers haven't had enough of the formula, absolute hokum, had God of War: Ascension been as good as the trilogy nobody would be saying things like this.

Ascension made changes to the formula and messed it up. To much pointless puzzles and sliding around. Making the combat worse by removing alternate weapons, changing the parry system and the awful new rage meter system. Also they introduced a multiplayer component nobody wanted at the expense of the singe player.

All they need to do is make GoW4 a mixture of GoW2+3 (the sense of journey in GoW2 + cinematic set-piece crazy action GoW3) and then improve where possible.

It should remain linear but slightly more explorable. The camera NEEDS to remain self-automated. Kratos has to stay but also change quite a bit. It needs to be a solid 12-15 hours long with minimal filler and backtracking. We need a new mytho & setting.... THEY MUST NOT TRY MULTIPLAYER AGAIN. NO.

So yeah, I'm sure they learned their lesson with GoW:A and now with the 170 strong team who are, I'm assuming, focused on GoW4 with Cory Barlog leading I'm sure they'll create something amazing.

maddskull2185d ago

i really hope they think about this game and try to complete it since i sounds fun and it was in development since gow 3 launched. i would really be happy if sony would just see that gamers want this game and try to bring it back since ps4 is for gamers please sony make this game happen

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TheOmniGamer2185d ago

Sounds like the game was really far in development... Really disappointed it was cancelled, it sounded really promising.

ABizzel12185d ago

If they were only preparing a teaser then the game was more than likely still pre-alpha stages, which means it was at least another 1 - 2 years off from release.

Canceling the game because it was similar to Destiny is a bit odd. IMO if my game looks similar to another game, I'm just going to make sure I blow that game out of the water on presentation, story, gameplay, graphics, and fun and seeing SSM and Bungie go head to head would have been an EPIC MOMENT IN GAMING. But Sony pulled back and pulled the plug, because they've been building a relationship with Bungie and Activision and Destiny is going to have exclusive content for PS4 and more than likely be marketed with PS4 as the lead so in order to not step on any toes they canceled the game, but I don't think they should have done it. Destiny is scheduled for late 2014 / early 2015, and this game was probably late 2015 / early 2016.

The God of War Ascension gave a clue to the New IP, and now looking back it does seem a bit like Destiny simply looking at the planet. I think both could have existed since Destiny seems like a more serious Borderlands featuring exploration, and SSM could have gone with a more Story driven Action version and each would have had their audience.

Borderlands = Fun, Co-op, FPS RPG
Mass Effect = Heavy Story driven RPG, Space Opera, Solid TP mechanics

Destiny = Exploratory, Metroid + Borderlands hyprid, FPS RPG (Borderlands + Halo hybrid)
SSM Game = Story driven, Action based, TPS RPG (Borderlands + Mass Effect Hybrid)

For anyone who liked Borderlands or Mass Effect, there's a good chance they'd pick up the other two, and considering Borderlands and ME sold well these new IP's had a good chance of selling 2 million copies easy.

Which goes back to budget, if the expected sales of this game were 2 million, that means the budget had to be less than 60 million for Sony, and based on that kind of open world game, they could have already been reaching that number already with at least full year of development to go.

It sucks, but that's the way it is.

TheOmniGamer2185d ago

I'd say 1 year top, 2 years is pushing it, would of expected holiday 2015 release at the latest.

Bundi2185d ago

Load of balony about the relationship with Bungie being the reason to can not only the project but 50 of their own employees.
What kinda nonsense is that?
"Hey you guys are all fired because this game you are making is too similar to a 3rd party's game with whom we have a relationship with."
Sounds legit

Let's just shelf this ridiculous notion that this somehow has anything to do with the relationship with Bungie that Sony is cultivating. If indeed the games were too similar then it is a case of not being confident enough in the skills of the team or quality of their product.

Death2185d ago

I'm not sure I believe the rumors based on what little information we have, but Sony sacrificed the 989 sports titles when they made their EA agreement early on in the Playstations day. 989 had been a well respected developer prior to the agreement with games that exceeded the shovelware EA was making at the time. I wouldn't put it past Sony today.

nevin12185d ago

I wonder was this a case of people close to the project not agreeing on things.

Mikefizzled2185d ago

Whats the reasoning behind it? Or is it that Destiny sounds rather similar on a possibly grander scale.

2185d ago
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