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Game Informer has reviewed Rambo: The Video Game and writes:

If you want to watch John Rambo mow through waves of baddies in violent and satisfying fashion, watch the final half hour of the 2008 film. Don’t spend your money and time to recreate any moments in this cheap, broken wreck.

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CoyoteHunter2186d ago

Did we seriously expect anything different? The trailer for this was just absymal.

CorndogBurglar2186d ago

So Lords of Shadow 2 is only slightly better than this flaming pile of crap?

Right. Thats believable.

vork772185d ago

how dare they call LOS2 slightly better when i played LOS2 and it is way better then this

FogLight2186d ago

A 4? You have got to be kidding me.

I am sure that it was spawned by a demon's diarrhea in the deepest depth of hell with Rambo's name on it...and I am just being generous!

ShockUltraslash2186d ago

This review, their LOS2 review with Rambo:the videogame have the same quality.

2186d ago
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