Battlefield 4 Platoons Available Now - Join Or Create One Today

The Platoons in Battlefield 4 are now available for all battlelog users. You can find it under the soldier dropdown menu and on a new tile on the homepage. Battlefield 4 Premium and a soldier with at least rank 10 will be required to create your own Platoon.

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SWayne2184d ago

Looking forward to this, nice update!

3-4-52183d ago

Requires Premium ? No thanks

angelsx2184d ago

Looking forward to fix that dem rubber banding

Elwenil2183d ago

More nickle and dime crap from EA and DICE. They can take their Premium BS and shove it up their tailpipe quickly followed by a hand grenade.

csreynolds2183d ago ShowReplies(2)
r3f1cul2183d ago

makes a platoon option... still have to join every friends game in progress and hope you get on the same team.... lol what a waste of time... not to mention if your playing with more then 2 people you will almost certainly always be put with one friend on the enemy team... if i want anything from cod to be in BF its the ease of playing with friends and finding games.. the server browser barely works half the time on xbox one and even when it does its kind of weak in the amount of games it finds...

csreynolds2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

The server browser on PS4 is broken too. No matter how many times I amend my filters, it only presents me with two servers at a time. If there are only two Rush servers available globally, I'm Patrick Bach.

r3f1cul2183d ago

yea like i sprung and got premium a few days ago... just because i had extra money, and wanted some new guns to play around with... but as it turns out getting the guns and achivements... especially the map specific ones is a bigger pain the ass then i could have imagined because its so hard to find a game on a dlc map due to the server browser being so awful :/ i just truly hate how bf4 shoots itself in the foot at every turn ... most wasted potential out of any game i've ever played i think :(

csreynolds2183d ago

I was ready to throw so much money at this game, but the chances of me going Premium now are close to non-existent. We're four months in, and so many features are either broken or missing.

To be quite honest, if there was a better shooter out there I'd have given up on DICE weeks ago, but Call of Duty: Ghosts doesn't appeal and I've never been into Killzone's multiplayer... :-(