Standby For Titanfall

Respawn's shooter is an intense and complex beast, but it's also surprisingly welcoming to inexperienced players.

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patsrule3162188d ago

I am personally definitely a newb when it comes to competitive first person shooters. The only one I ever enjoyed was Brink, because it was very newb friendly, didn't emphasize kills as much as helping your team complete missions, and didn't have any one shot kills, and several other reasons as well. I know most people didn't like Brink and I accept that, but I loved it.

Anyways, when I first started playing the Titanfall beta, all I was doing was the vanquish mode, and I found myself getting killed a lot, and not killing other pilots hardly at all. I pretty much decided to call it quits as another competitve shooter that just wasn't for me. On the last day of the beta, I decided to try it one more time, but played hard point instead of vanquish, and I had a much better experience. It wasn't just about killing, it was about taking the control point and holding it. I would find a point, guard it, bring my titan down to help guard it when I could, and just try to fight off anyone that came to take it. Sometimes I would win, sometimes I would lose, but the points would come in. I even found myself high up on the scoreboard in some matches. It turned my mind around enough that I might actually buy the game, when I almost never buy that kind of game. So I definitely agree with the theme of the article.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2188d ago

TitanFall will go down as one of the greatest FPS of all time.

dale12188d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hicken2188d ago

Because that's how the game was designed?

SonyROXitoohya2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

The gaming world waits....patiently


Yup I'm a fanboy lol, I own a ps4 and am praising a rival consoles game, such fanboyism haha. Nah I'm actually an adult gamer who isn't scared to say an xbox one game is amazing, unlike u.

Love the jealousy, insecurity, and worrying of ps4 fanboys. Too,scared to admit,a game is awesome lol, childish worrisome babes.

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ger23962188d ago

Well, you don't sound like an adult. Age doesn't equal maturity.

svoulis2188d ago

Still getting this for Xbox One. So I have something to play. Beat Ryse and DR3.

Game is super easy though. No sense of accomplishment for COD players or competitive players. KD will be super high (around 7-10 for overall, 4-5 for humans) Most people dont even use their titans they just keep it on AI Mode.'

Seriously though the whole "Stand By for Titanfall is getting old" can we have a new title please?

mhunterjr2188d ago

I don't understand how a pvp game could be considered 'easy'. If you've got good players in both sides, the match will probably be close. If one team has good players and the other team has bad ones, then the first team would have an easy match, and the other would find it hard...

svoulis2188d ago

It's a game that requires little to no skill. Very forgiving Aim Assist almost lock on. Smart pistols that literally lock on and kill...really... The game is catered to skilless players to attract people to a new shooter.

People can disagree all they want. Doesn't change the fact

TRD4L1fe2188d ago

If its super easy then you should join MLG and make money beating everyone.

-Standby for Titanfall!

mhunterjr2188d ago

I hear what your saying, but skilled players will always trump the casuals. even with the aim assists and the smart pistol, teams who take the time to learn the maps, learn the parkour, and strategize and collaborate with use of their titans, are going to beat the folks who are aimlessly run around with smart pistols all day.

I wasn't killed by the smart pistol once during the entire length of the beta, because it was the HUD pointed me right to folks trying to lock... I got the easy kill instead of that guy...

I think your right, it does attract people new to shooters. But it also is nuances enough to let skilled players separate themselves from the pack.

JeffGUNZ2188d ago

Just because you say the word fact doesn't make it a fact. Its your opinion, which the majority of the gaming community disagrees with. Its like a lot of pvp games where it depends on your team.

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