Final Fantasy 10: Kitase reveals the secrets of its success

The first full 3D Final Fantasy game brought the franchise into the modern age, with voice acting, remarkable art direction and a gloriously well-realised world. Producer Yoshinori Kitase recalls its creation to games™ as this modern classic prepares for its HD re-release…

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TimmyShire2183d ago

One of my favourite games ever this.

gamesTM_dom2183d ago

Is it bad I'm more excited about FFX/X-2 HD Remaster than I am about any upcoming next-gen titles?

(Spoiler: No, it isn't).

abzdine2183d ago

i didn't like FFX as much as the old ones. i didn't like it was linear compared to the previous ones or just old gens JRPGs in general.

MegaRay2183d ago

Actually not only upcoming games but next-generation games on general

gamesTM_dom2183d ago

I think Kitase saying "Final Fantasy X broadened my outlook on life" is my favourite thing about this interview.

tigertron2183d ago

The last great FF games.

Nerdmaster2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Can I punch the writer for saying "the romance between Tidus and Yuna is actually one of the series’ weakest to date"? It's maybe the only believable one in the series.

gamesTM_dom2183d ago

I don't think it hit upon the kind of gothic tragedy the other games do, though. Look at Rinoa and Squall - the scene where he forsakes everything he has and is and carries her on his back across the Fisherman's Horizon bridge is incredibly poignant. The maelstrom of dynamics between Tifa, Aeries and Cloud has almost incestuous implications etc - there are heavy motivations behind those characters, I think. Tidus and Yuna; he just wants to protect her, and she wants protecting. It's far more simple.

Tidus' relationships, I think, are far more heavily weighted towards his dad; the whole Tidus/Jecht thing is phenomenal, a parent/child dynamic that isn't often explored in FF (because everyone and their dog is a bloody orphan). Yuna/Tidus' relationship comes second to Tidus' main quest, which is at odds to VII/VIII (VIII basically being a love story)

Nerdmaster2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

It's not about why they love each other, it's about how it's portrayed. Tidus starts the game seeing Yuna only as a way to go back to Zanarkand. When he starts to understand Spira, the hardships that summoners face, that she will even sacrifice herself, he changes. And most important, we see him changing. People who defend Squall and Rinoa says "Squall changed gradually while Rinoa teased him", but this just isn't true. We can even "read" his mind and nowhere he hints that he's starting to like her until the end of the game. What he does say (or think) is a lot of "whatever"s.

Tidus is the only one who sees the suffering of his romantic interest enough to say something on the lines of "please quit and be with me". They gave the first real kiss in a FF. It's the first time someone actually said "I love you" in a FF.

You using Squall and Rinoa, the "I don't care for you at all - oh, the game is almost ending so now I love you" couple as an example, shows how different we think about what makes a believable couple in a story.

And regarding to Clud/Tifa/Aeris, while there are feelings between them for sure, calling it romance is a big stretch. No wonder why people still discuss about who Cloud "should" be with - despite small hints of "I think I kind of like you", there's nothing resembling romance in their story.

And let's not forget about the other "couples" in other FFs. Cecil and Rosa already have a mutual love interest in the beginning of the game and it doesn't really develop during the game. Zidane seems to like Garnet just because she is a "babe" and he gives almost no other reason to consider her a love interest. Sarah and Snow loved each other and that's it.

I'm sure there are other "couples", but they are so insignificant that I don't even remember them.

So after all of this, I say: You're wrong, Tidus and Yuna's romance is nowhere near of the "series’ weakest to date".

2183d ago
AC2020x2183d ago

I really really wish this was coming out for ps4 as well. Its the only game making me consider pulling my ps3 back out. Guess I'll have to get used to the old controller again! :(

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