Thief PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC HD Video Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 Xbox One and PC versions of Thief.

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pedrof933762d ago

Pc has better colours. Ps4 wins for the consoles has always :D

Hyper_Tension1403762d ago

How did your comment get disagrees!?

What you typed is 100% fact!

3762d ago
RexLex3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Yes ,.. resolution difference is definitely showing,..And it is not like some intangible thing,..It is something you see instantly.Also PS4 seams tho have a bigger FOV (on that roof top comparison,.. if you look at the building in the right,..you do seam to see more).

They need patch some glitches and triggers for the sounds and maybe lengthen loading time for few seconds so it does not stutter sometimes while loading the bigger zones,..Happens on PCs also,..

I actually totally love this game,.. and it is really beautiful,.. and designed like thief,..( @chapter 2 mine mind was blown how well designed the mission levels are)

ITPython3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I really hate to be one of those types of people, but FYI it is spelled 'seem', not 'seam'.

Also not sure what the deal is with the comma and two periods. Most of what you wrote should use just a single comma, but I assume you meant to place three periods. See -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Again, hate to bring this up but my OCD cannot handle it. Hope you understand :-) I do agree with what you said though.

EDIT: I am not perfect in how I write either, just some things stand out and bug me more than others.

RexLex3762d ago

Not a native English speaker, but thanx will try to remember that one.

starchild3762d ago

"I actually totally love this game,.. and it is really beautiful,.. and designed like thief,..( @chapter 2 mine mind was blown how well designed the mission levels are)"

Yeah, it really is a lot of fun. I'm loving it. It's a true stealth game, though, and I'm sure some people might be turned off by that.

It's great in any case. I love the stealth mechanics in this game.

Sarobi3762d ago

Is it just me.. or is this video player absolute crap?

GarrusVakarian3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

It is, i have no idea why 1080p next gen game comparison are being done on these crappy, compressed videos. Even the "HD" setting is crappy, same as YouTube.

Next gen comparisons need direct feed footage. Gamersyde should do them.

@Hyper tension

Yeah, if comparisons aren't being done with proper, direct-feed footage, they should be done with screenshots instead. At least then they will be a direct representation of the game. I have a really keen eye for little differences in games and even i have trouble telling the differences in these crappy videos.

Hyper_Tension1403762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )


Your right because Ive noticed on Youtube that the graphic comparison videos look nothing like the difference seen in screen shots, or in person.

Hyper_Tension1403762d ago


Exactly, it was okay with the ps3/360 comparisons as they both ran most games in 720p, but now is pointless.

deSSy27243762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I hate this kind of comparisons :S

Im waiting for the real ones. I mean, not that it will change something (I play 99% of multiplatform games on my PC) but im just curious. However, on this video, I dont really see much differences in graphics between PC and X1/PS4 (real comparisons will show more difference)

EDIT: I watched the whole video, yeah.... noticeable differences in some scenarios between PC and consoles

bienio3762d ago

New Thief include 3rd person view??

RexLex3762d ago

No,.. it does go into 3rd person while traversing (like climbing into a factory,.) sometimes,..

Though I prefer third person view always,.. I don't really miss it here,.. Levels are designed quite well,.. So you are quite aware enough where enemies are,.. (Beware of dogs though :))

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