Thief: The Most Grim, Oppressive Game I’ve Ever Played | Siliconera Review

Siliconera: "I actively disliked playing Thief during my time with the game. There was nothing I was interested to see, no plot thread I was eager to see through to resolution, no mechanical hook that reeled me in."

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starchild2182d ago

I actively liked playing Thief during my time with the game. There was a lot I was interested to see, plot threads I was eager to see through to resolution, and mechanical hooks that reeled me in.

We all have our opinions.

USMC_POLICE2182d ago

I actively agree with you.

svoulis2182d ago

I AM actively enjoying Thief currently. I have to say the feeling of accomplishment when not getting cought in heavily patrolled areas is so rewarding.

Game isn't for everyone. It is for me though

DigitalHope2182d ago

Thief isn't nearly the crappy game reviews and people are making it out to be.

Loading screens is my only gripe.

Gameplay is supurb.

GameSpawn2181d ago

I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I would agree with the loading screens...almost as bad as Skyrim (at least the console versions - Skyrim loads quickly on my PC as it is on an SSD).

I love the idea of being a ghost, swiping anything and everything, and leaving with no one being the wiser. I've only completed a couple Chapters and side missions and am already 2-3 hours logged (I have been playing very short sessions over the past 2 days); I see no issue in me meeting the 15 hour minimum requirement for one of the trophies. I expect my first playthrough to land around the 20 hour mark as I want to see and do everything.

Mister_G2182d ago

Try Demons Souls, it has a quite oppressive atmosphere, in a good way :)

sdozzo2182d ago

Beat me to it. Didn't see the sun.

MysticStrummer2181d ago

Exactly what the title made me think.

belac092181d ago

i wish i could try it, i want to get it but i just really dont want it to be like dishonered.