Halo 5: Rumour, Enigma and Anticipation Abound

"Halo was one game that had completely re-defined first person shooter genre back in 2001. The game go Microsoft awed responses and much adulation. Halo was widely loved and rightly so."

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Whore_Mouth2193d ago

Bad read, and bad information.

TheRedButterfly2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

ಠ_ಠ Did anyone proof this before posting? The first two sentences… my lord…

OT: The anticipation for 343i's next project is THROUGH THE ROOF! Between the Halo 2 Anniversary rumor mill and last year's E3 concept reel - as well as the simple fact that it's going to have a showing at this year's E3 - the hype hasn't been this big since Halo 4's tease announcement back in 2011!

Seeing John's "re-emergence" after being "killed off?" Oh yeah… The hype doesn't get much bigger than that!

I'm just glad they fixed that damn bulge…