This is What Titanfall Xbox One Game Disc Looks Like Out of its Cover

Since Titanfall is now getting packed for launch, most of you might be desperately waiting to see how the Titanfall Xbox One game disc looks like. Well here it is, your first look at the Titanfall Xbox One game disc courtesy of the xRYAN350xcP, who is a part of Titanfall development team.

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AngelicIceDiamond2185d ago

Very nice.

Looks great. Give me my copy Respawn.

No_Limit2184d ago

Doesn't matter, getting it digitally. No need to insert game in trey as I will be playing it daily.

Septic2184d ago

I'm gonna do this too methinks

nukeitall2184d ago

i'm skipping stone age technologymof disc and going digital with ability to instant switch.

cannpt wait for titanfalls!

2184d ago
memots2184d ago

yes please another article about titanfall ... We almost had 2 news in a row without one ...

Tedakin2184d ago

I'm in love with Titanfall. Most hyped I've been about a game in a long time. And even I'm about fed up with the stories.

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The story is too old to be commented.