Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS Screenshot (27.2.14): Waluigi is an assist trophy.


Like with Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the development progress of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS through Miiverse.

Today Sakurai confirmed Waluigi will be returning as an assist trophy.

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R00bot2185d ago

Aww, I was kinda hoping he would be playable this time.

TomShoe2185d ago

Alas, poor Waluigi is doomed to only be playable in Mario Karts and Sports spin-off games. He doesn't really have as much notoriety as the other newcomers to warrant a character spot.

-Foxtrot2185d ago

So someone like the Wii Fit Trainer deserves a spot yet Waluigi doesn't


Realplaya2185d ago

The game is about diversity and elimination of possible clones. So I think all the clone characters should at the most be assist trophies. Wii Fit trainer IMO is a welcome addition.

-Foxtrot2185d ago

Isn't it up to the developers to make sure that characters like Mario/Luigi, Fox/Falco or Captain Falcon/Ganondorf don't have the same move types.

Least then you would have full on clones.

LOL_WUT2185d ago

I'd rather not have the Wii fit trainer at all ;)

thegent2185d ago

Right. Waluigi doesnt have his own game that has sold millions of copies. And he's the least original character ever.

-Foxtrot2185d ago

He doesn't have his own game because Nintendo ignores the fact that people would like a Waluigi game

Exodecai2185d ago

Waluigi deserves a chance in the spotlight already >.< Give us a Super Wario Bros Game at least.

o-Sunny-o2185d ago

I actually like that idea a lot. Super Wario Bros would be a nice twist. +bubble. ^~^

thegent2185d ago

Hmm i guess i'm the only one happy about this. I dont see how he would be a good character. All he has are sport moves. He's also just a filler character. Would rather have paper mario or baby bowser on the roster.

eaise2185d ago

IMO there are enough Mario characters as it is. I'd rather him not be playable and have someone from a different franchise!

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