Evil Publishers or Stupid Parents?

In-game purchases left a £4000 credit card bill for one Mum. Is she right to blame game makers, or is it a failure in understanding parental controls?

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styferion2397d ago

It's the same like parents blaming video games for their children violence or parents blaming teacher because their children's low test scores, adult ignorance..

TheSaint2397d ago

100% their fault if they don't know what games their kids are playing.

Also leaving CC info readily available to your child is asking for trouble.

Volkama2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

I'd attribute a good portion of the blame to the publishers as well.

Parents have ultimate responsibility over what their child plays, but the pitfalls and moneygrabs within some of these games are not always immediately apparent or easy to skirt around/disable. The design often borders on unethical and it's no wonder some children (and adults) get caught out.

It's also logistically impossible to pre-screen every piece of content your child will consume. Age ratings and instinct wont always match your own judgement, but they're often the best tools you have.

Personally I don't allow my children access to any network, so I wont be caught out with a bill like this but it's not realistic to expect every parent be savvy enough to dodge these traps. And that's not the same thing as being stupid.

GentlemenRUs2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Mostly the parents to blame... But there is another thing!

Some games subliminally hypnotize kids into micro's with flashy graphics, sounds and demanding cash to pass.

It's been like this for years now.

thereapersson2397d ago

Well that is why you implement preventative measures so kids can't access credit card funds without authorization. Putting a password on purchases is the best way to prevent things like this from happening. I do it on my PSN account so unauthorized purchases can't be made.

2397d ago
Rai2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Stupid parents...why would you leave your credit card information on something children have access too? Every time I purchase something I always remove my information.

XXXL2397d ago

I guess this parents babysitter finally charged them. Idiots

TH3BR3W2397d ago

Lol you just explained modern day parenting in one sentence. Too often do parents leave children to be entertained over taking even a little time to ensure their development is up to par. Sure we have kids now with some of the best eye hand coordination to date, but at what cost?

I love my video games do not take me for a hater. I do believe children have the right to entertainment via video games but children are taught civility, restraint, and discipline it is not instinct. In my eyes children should earn the privledge first as that is what my parents did back when the genesis was just starting out. I earned my game system and every game that I had.

I don't want to tell people how to raise their kids but I would surely like for them to at least have some insight on how they can better their children's lives.

About this topic though, why would the parents put and leave the credit card info on their? Dumb if u a ask me. Do I think they need to pay it? Well yes and no, I think it would be the poster child for other parents out their to learn from these parents mistake but at the same time it's tough enough to get by as it is. Have the company reverse the purchases and ban the account as punishment.

ChristopherJack2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Stupid is demeaning to the average person, naive or ignorant maybe a little more appropriate but both parties are clearly at fault; parents for trusting their kids & being unaware of how the app operates & not knowing how to prevent your phone from storing your payment details.

The game makers are at fault for exploiting this. Consumer ignorance does not excuse their almost criminal behaviour. Also this whole blame the victim thing doesn't sit very well with me, regardless of your opinion on how retarded they were.

I myself have seen how many of these apps operate & there's no denying how bad they are, especially those with pop ups that shove "buy 'X' now" into your face, it's disgusting how they can get away with it. I've nearly bought some in game currency for $100 because my screen misread my finger press- luckily I had enough foresight to prevent my phone from storing my payment info.

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