Is It Game Over For Nintendo, The Firm Behind Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda?

The Japanese firm is in deep trouble with poor sales of its new Wii U console and sliding profits.

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NYC_Gamer3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

It's not over just because of low Wii U sales..Nintendo will hopefully learn from their mistakes and come back much stronger in the home console market.

jebabcock3500d ago

Technically the wii u global sales have been just below the X1 the past several weeks... That either means the wii u isn't doing that bad or the X1 is in trouble as well....

avidgamer13500d ago


I didnt know that I stumbled upon an xbox is doing poorly article. Nevertheless, one off topic down vote for you.

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king_george3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Nothing wrong with what he said. Its on topic. Im with mpnothanks. Downvote for immature

OT: pretty sure nintendo isnt going anywhere just yet. People also seem to forget that Nintendo hasnt released its super heavy hitters yet. While i dont see an enormous boost in sales i still think the wii u will be profitable in the end. So many people are waiting for smash bros and mariokart and a brand new Zelda

mate97913500d ago

I predict Xbox1 will sell worse than wiiu by far this year word of mouth on wiiu in the UK is already very positive ps4 is dropping down the uk charts on Amazon movers and shakers,wiiu software is selling strong on Amazon UK....Ps4 is selling best but its dropping off now......

Dunban673499d ago

Wii U sales have been more than "just below" XB1

.... didn t you mean to bring up the Vita anyway. I own a Wii U (only home consol) I care what Nintneod does to get the Wii U up and running and off the ground-

If I am running last in a race I don t say to everyone "look at me, I m only behind the guy that is next to last by a little bit"

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Amplitude3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"...the firm behind Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda?"

haha good thing they added that i was like wtf is a nintendo?

McScroggz3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what Nintendo should do for their home console business. Their audience has shrunk with each home console release ever since the NES. In today's market, is it possible for them to compete in the HD landscape with significantly weaker hardware by selling consoles at a profit (whereas the Wii U is sold at a loss), to me that's a tough sell barring another Wii situation which I think is unlikely.

I don't know if Nintendo can compete head to head with Sony/Microsoft in terms of making a console that is on par performance-wise. Sure, they could afford to build the console, but with poor third party relations and the majority of studios who don't push technical boundaries it's hard to see Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda selling a console at a rate that we're accustomed to (80-100 mil).

That's the conundrum I'm in. Barring a radical change, it's hard to see Nintendo's current philosophy translating well into making a console on par with the other two; but it's also hard to see Nintendo have enough success with a cheaper, underpowered system that is likely to sell even less than the powerful one. This is all speculation of course, but I'm going off of what the current trends are.

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Crazay3500d ago

yeaaaa....let me know how that goes for you. They have real trouble making a platform that devs REALLY want to support. They may not be done yet, but the death knell is surely warming up

Kribwalker3500d ago

Welcome to the world of PSN4G Nintendo fans. Maria has set her sights on you aswell as Xbox fans. She is the biggest troll in this place

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BrokenJoystick3500d ago

For Wii U? Yeah maybe, but for Nintendo as a whole? Nah, they'll be here for years to come, in some shape or form.

DonDon3500d ago

Dump Iwata then maybe all will be well. Yeah he made them a ton of money, but he doesn't understand what the hardcore audience wants. Catering to soccer moms will only get you so far when they've already moved onto the Kinect.

wonderfulmonkeyman3500d ago

Iwata isn't the issue.
That's up to Nintendo's marketing team; they're the actual problem. They should be pointing out to Iwata that the advertisement efforts so far are just not cutting it in the state.
A nice wave of hype, via grand advertisement efforts and a big-bang Nintendo Direct with all-new announcements, would fix things up nicely, because most of the games themselves that are coming out for the console lately aren't bad games by any stretch.

mate97913500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

The issue is Marketing and fake rumours all over the media and internet just like when 3DS came out all the articles about 3D wrecking kids eyes ect ???

Why are Sony/Microsoft so under hand with trying to put out fake information about Nintendo ?? Sony said we have 178GB of bandwidth ram many times the amount of wiiu ?? ends up wiiu has over 3 times the amount of ps4 and xbox1 very strange........

Also multiplat games sinse ps4 ect look the worse yet......wiiu games before them look better......

DanManDantheMan3500d ago

The answer has been "No." since this question was asked back in the days of SNES.

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